Summer Squash Lasagna with Probiotic Whey Sauce

Summer Squash LasagnaI make Lasagna alot. I am looking into making my own Gluten free pasta as the ready made Gluten free options here are thin on the ground. When I received a big Summer Squash in my latest organic food box I was inspired to adapt my normal recipe.

Now be warned- Squash is a watery vegetable. So I made this a day in advance and put the whole slow cooker pot in the fridge to ‘dry out’. I then put it back in the cooker the next day on low for an hour just to heat it up. It was delicious, my daughter (my son eats anything in front of him- he’s still only 13 months!) turned her nose up to begin with, but since it still taste like lasagna she soon wolfed it down like normal!!

Another adaptation I used this time was I used half Whey and half stock to make my ‘white sauce’. I have been loving my Kefir cheese and have been using the whey in our morning smoothies. However although I enjoy my way of making dairy free sauce with stock and nutritional yeast I thought that the whey would add a natural cheesy flavour and since I was slow cooking on low may even retain some of the Probiotic qualities. It works really well just keep your saucepan low and constantly stirr

2 tbs Olive oil or melted butter

Enough Buckwheat Flour to make into a roux

1/2 Cup/250mls of Whey

1 Cup/ 400-500mls stock

1-2 tbs Nutritional Yeast

Salt and pepper to season.

In a saucepan make the roux with the oil and flour. Off the heat slowly add the liquid keep stirring the whole time. Add low heat and keep adding liquid until the right consistency. Add the Nutritional yeast and salt and pepper to taste.

Whey is the result of making Kefir Cheese- Find the recipe in my book;


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