Naturopathic consultations can have a mixture of tools available to you. Each session is an hour and can be tailor made to your needs. Your session may include one or more of the following

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  • Nutritional Therapy

    Imagine your body is like your house. You know you need to have the right building materials for it provide good shelter. When you need to make repairs, if you do a patch job, you know an expensive repair will soon follow.  Your body is similar. As you are constantly renewing cells, you need a good supply of building materials to make sure you build cells that function, for organs and body systems to work at their best. Nutrients from food are the materials you need. We need to be able to eat them, break them down and then absorb and use them. That’s where nutritional therapy comes in. Identifying what building materials you may need and how to get them in the body to do the job right.

  • EFT

    EFT is Emotion Freedom Technique, also known as tapping. You simply tap on specific points on the body, whilst speaking out loud in a certain way. It can feel strange, but is extremely simple and surprisingly quick and effective. When you tap, you are able to help the body and mind to reduce intensity of emotions, change thought patterns, beliefs and therefore habits and behaviour cycles. Whatever you feel stuck with, reaction patterns, how you speak to yourself or the continuing cycles you find yourself in, EFT can help you to create big changes. You will feel free of weight both emotionally and physically, and you will have a key tool to provide you with energy and motivation to reach your goals.

  • Bach Flowers

    Dr Edward Bach designed a simple and effective system suitable for everyone to use. There are 38 remedies in the system, each corresponds to an emotional state you may feel in your body. Bach was one of the first practitioners to connect physical symptoms and emotions. You could feel all 38 emotions in a day, however normally you would chose 4/5 in a remedy to help you peel back the layers. Very safe to use for all ages, they have even shown positive results when used with pets and plants. Effective on both you conscious and subconscious, you will be amazed at how accurate they are and how different you feel using them.

  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness should be a part of everyone’s health journey. It can be a loaded word that scares some people off as you may think you don’t have enough time in your day. However there are so many mindful tools you may already be doing without knowing! The point is to choose these tools for your health benefit. Mindfulness is simply being aware of your body and mind, without judgement. It can be as simple as just noticing a single breath going in and out, without thinking of anything else. Come and learn some really simple tools that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle but give you great, immediate results.

  • Reiki

    Everyone has the ability to use Reiki. Simply put, Reiki is the energy within us and surrounding us. We can draw towards us what we need for our best interests. A reiki practitioner can help amplify your ability to do that. While you rest and relax, your body and mind work with me to draw what you need and for it to go where needed. You can notice the results and benefits both during the session and beyond. You are full clothed during the session and there is minimal physical contact during the session. Crystals and Bach Flower Remedies can also be used in the session where appropriate to help amplify your success.

  • Ear Acupuncture

    Ear acupuncture is a little like reflexology, the whole body is represented in the ear. By using very tiny and thin needles to stimulate specific points you can use Ear acupuncture for physical and emotional issues. Historically used for additions and detoxification, you can help also reduce pain and stimulate your body’s healing processes through the ear. Ear seeds that you can wear after the session can help you to continue to simulate the points beyond the session. You can expect the session to be relaxing and therapeutic. Bach Flower Remedies and EFT are often used in your session when appropriate to maximize your treatments successes.

  • Mind to Muscle Reconnection

    The mind body connection is extremely strong. Studies have shown that an injured athlete can continue to train using visualisation without losing muscle strength and tone while recovering. That is pretty powerful. You can also use visualisation to maximise results and even increase your ability whatever your level and goal. This is also available to us non-athletes too. You can access your muscles through your mind. This is especially useful after an injury, pregnancy or long term muscle adaptations and physical habits like sitting at a desk. By assessing your movement patterns and calling attention to them we can begin to introduce new effective habits that help your structure and overall health. By bringing your mind back into your body, you can really speed up the healing process and feel and look stronger. You will be introduced to core specific, gait movement, functional strength and fascia stretching exercises where necessary for your success.

  • Functional Testing

    The body gives us lots of symptoms when things are not working as they should. However sometimes we need some insight into what is actually going on inside the body. That is where functional testing comes in. May tests give us a window into a moment in time and we need a broader and comprehensive picture. Tests like the Dutch hormone tests that can be done over a cycle (whether you still have a cycle or not) can give us an amazing insight into your body’s ability to function. GI-Map stool analysis give us more information than a food intolerance test. You can have a consultation to decide what tests are appropriate for you individual needs and a follow up to discuss your results and plan the road forward.

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