About Louise Kane Buckley

If learning about what natural health tools will be suitable for your body and mind is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Loula Natural is here to help and support you. Louise is a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist (ND and NTP) with over 16 years in the health industry in Ireland, Hong Kong and London, she uses her experience to focus on your individual needs.

You can benefit from her ability to work both in-person and remotely as both are successful methods you can rely on to suit your location and time. Men, women and children of all ages are all welcome and catered to. Your mind and body are unique to you and you will be treated as an individual and no two treatment plans are alike.

If your needs fall into the following categories, you can rely on Louise to be the practitioner for you:
  • Family Health (all ages and any diagnosis can be supported)
  • Pre and Post-natal nutrition, together with physical and emotional support.
  • Children’s Nutrition and emotional development
  • Digestive Support and microbiome (bacterial balance) support and testing
  • Immune Support
  • Hormone Balance and testing
  • Skin health
  • Physical strength and mind body reconnection
  • Emotional health, strength and balance support
  • Habit or addiction challenges
  • Mindset adjustment and confidence building
  • General health and well-being management.

Read and enjoy the 2 books written Louise has written. The first, Culture Your Life is a Kefir and Kombucha bible to use for your daily nourishment. The second, an ebook, Nurture your Life; Your essential REAL FOOD weaning guide for you and your family to benefit from.

You could also benefit from taking one of Louise’s very popular courses to supplement your one to one work together. Have a look at some of the classes you may be interested in taking in the future:

  • Nutrition Course’s (Children’s Nutrition, Breast tissue health, Hormone Balance and Digestive system health)
  • Fermenting and Culturing Workshops and online video tutorials
  • Family Health with Baby Massage  together with Tracy McCarthy from Head to Toe Therapies
  • Using EFT for habit changing
  • Introduction to Bach Flowers

You can really see and feel the benefits by making small changes from the information you will learn. Your body can look and feel better from the inside out using simple and effective methods to integrate into your life.

Also listen to the podcasts or join the Loula Natural Club to maximise your success.



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