Infra-Red Nasal Device




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Research shows infra-red wavelengths stimulate the production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps you to wind down and go to sleep. Your Pineal glad in-between your eyes, reacts to light. as darkness falls. the signals to release melatonin are sent.

Researchers in 2012 gave 20 female athletes 30 minutes of red light therapy every night for 14 days. They noticed that the group had improved sleep quality, melatonin levels, and endurance performance. Research published in 2019 showed a combination of red and Daylight in the afternoon improved circadian rhythm and increased alertness. THere are numerous studies (read one here) to connect nasal infra-red to reduction in allergic rhinitis (hayfever) symptoms too.

All ages can use these red lights. They can also help hayfever symptoms, stuffy sinuses, headaches and may even prevent snoring!


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