Stock Pot; How to make Bone Broth in your Slow cooker

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I hate waste. In Hackney, (London) all our kitchen scraps went into a composting bin on the estate. I got so used to there being no food waste in the bin and I loved the idea that our waste was then used to tend the gardens in the area even though we didnt have a garden of our own. Now in Hong Kong on the 27th floor everything goes in the bin (there is some recycling like glass, metal and paper at least!). I have been making stock for a long time now- but that food waste was really irritating me! Now I use everything!

A stock can be made from anything. A bone broth will be fortified with all the nutrients. Nourishing Traditions By Sally Fallon (and here is her book for babies and children) outlines how to make all the different stocks you can make and has a recipe for each one. It is a key component in nourishing our children and is mentioned on most sites advocating the principles of Weston A Price. I like that for me it means that all parts of the food are used that alot of the water based nutrients are saved and used and that you can harness nutrients from things like skins, peels, stones and seeds that you would otherwise throw away. Thats before you think about the minerals and gelatin from the bones are not only nutritious but also in a form that is easily absorb-able.

Here is what I do.

EVERYTHING I trim, have as leftovers, peel, core, take seeds out of gets put in a ziplock bag (which I also re-use! but you could of course use a glass box!) which goes in the freezer. Then once a week I put it all in the slow-cooker add some apple cider vinegar (about a tbs) and put it on low for 24 hours. Strain it and store it in the fridge ready to use or stored in ice cube trays/bags in the freezer.

 What can be used;

All bones (chicken, ribs, porkchops, I also keep fish skins and bones separately, prawn heads and skins for my fish stock- should be cooked first)

Egg Shells (unwashed with membrane intact- they have gone straight in the freezer)

Leftover meat, veg, rice, beans and lentils if they do not get eaten through the week for lunches

All vegetable trimmings eg; (lettuce, carrot, celery, peppers and cabbage. Almost all of my veg is organic, if it isnt then I have washed it prior to trimming it in apple cider vinegar)

All skins (for example; avocado, potato, apple, orange, lemon, lime, melon etc)

All seeds (for example cherry stones, lychee stones, melon seeds, papaya etc)

I also even sometimes add my herbal tea straining!

I also retain water from boiling veg (but that happens rarely as we mostly steam veg!)


I love using my broth to cook my rice, lentils, stews, risottos, spaghetti, stir fry and sometimes will drink it as a broth (especially if feeling run down)


What do you use yours for?

(PS- the stock looks like the picture in the beginning but after the 24 hours it is brown sludgy and sloppy! I strain it and squeeze it satisfied that all the goodness has been extracted from the foods and can now be thrown in the bin!)

Other recipes:

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