And the Winner of the April Giveaway is…

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This month I  clubbed together with some other awesome bloggers to put together a giveaway that I am really excited about for all you expecting mums.

I have used re-usable nappies for both of my children. I use them in the swimming pool too. It was really important for me as a new mum to help support the environment. The number of nappies that have to be bought and thrown away is intense. The chemicals used in the nappies are not only damaging to the environment but also to a newborn and beyond’s skin. All for convenience sake.

Cloth nappies are super convenient. I have between 20-30 which means there are normally 5 in the bucket, 5 in the wash, 5 drying and 5 in the drawer ready to go with a few spare! I generally do a wash every 3 days. I do a wash every 3 days anyway so its no extra hassle! I also wash my nappies with Kombucha (but thats another story!).

The nappies I bought for my daughter are now being used by my son and the money we have saved is huge. I have used some biodegradable nappies from time to time but we have also travelled with cloth nappies (nappies drying in the sun hanging from the trees in thailand was very amusing!).

This Cloth Diaper Essential Giveaway is brilliant everything you need to get going, naturally! If you didnt win here are the links if you want to get the supplies anyway;

Diaper Clutch/Portable Changing Station:

Natural Bottom Balm:

Redmond Clay Baby Powder:

4 All-In-One Diapers: GreenRed, Monkeys, Owls (virtually identical to the ones I use)

 Diaper Sprayer: (I had never seen this or knew it existed- it is brilliant!)

Grab and Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag:

10 Natural Organic Baby Wipes:( these are great I love re-useable wipes too) 

Thrive Style

Yogi Mami

Our Small Hours

Purely Twins

Veggie Converter

The Darling Bakers 

Whistle Pig Hollow

And the Winner IS….

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