What is in these vaccines that makes them so wrong…


This was a question asked today and whilst I knew most ingredients- someone put it way better than me…

Here’s my very knowledgeable friends reply:

The question should be what isn’t in a vaccine! Most vaccines will contain at least a few from this list: disease causing agents that have been cultivated from monkey kidneys, chicken and duck embryos; dog, horse, rabbit, mouse and cow tissues, human tissue culture containing cells (notably from the uterine cancer of Henrietta Lack, an African American woman who died in the 1960’s, and whose cancer cells were laboratory-proliferated and now contaminate cell lines in research labs around the globe),

ALUMINUM: a neurotoxin which has been associated w/ Alzheimers, dis-ease, dementia and seizures; aluminum is carcinogenic in laboratory mice and added to vaccines to “promote antibody response.”,

THIRMERSOL: a sodium salt derived from the deadly poison mercury and used as a disinfectant and preservative; thirmersal has been linked to brain and kidney damage as well as immune and neurological dis-orders; it is a component of vaccines for

DPT, tetanus,hepatitius B and Hib,

FORMALDEHYDE: a major component of embalming fluid, which of course is pumped into dead people to keep them dead; a known cancer-causing chemical, this toxic substance is used to “inactivate” viruses and detoxify bacterial toxins; formaldehyde has also shown to be injurious to the liver and to trigger gene mutations,

CARBOLIC ACID (PHENOL): believed to cause gender mutation; a deadly poison used as a disinfectant, dye,

ANTI (AGAINST) BIOTICS (LIFE): Neomycin, Streptomycin and a variety of other drugs – to which increasing numbers of the population are demonstrating serious allergies and to which increasing numbers of microbes are developing genetically-transmitted tolerance,

ACETONE: used in fingernail polish remover and as a solvent,

GLYCERIN: a tri-atomic alcohol extracted from natural fats which are putrefied and decomposed; toxic effects damage the kidneys, liver, lungs and “pronounced local tissue damage, gastrointestinal damage and death”

and a fair few still contain MERCURY.

I amazed that we are told not to feed our babies eggs due to the allergenic properties of the egg white but doctors don’t advise mums that the vaccines being given to babies may contain egg white..

Oh and the MMR contains the cells of an aborted baby from the 70s that had rubella.

And that there is the truth that the Doctors don’t like to mention and most people try to forget….

Make sure you are 100% sure and 100% researched. Thanks Marta x

Also recently found this too- just in case you don’t believe us!

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