Weekly Menu 15th July

Weekly Menu planning

I normally do my weekly menus on Sunday. Mostly because its the day we are guaranteed to be able to sit together to decide and also because we will generally do a shop in the morning. I always have one night with Fish and one Vegetarian night and for the other days we try to rotate our meat and when inspired we will have a raw night too (most of our meals are served with salad anyway and we eat raw food as snacks and lunch most days otherwise). My kids (aged 1 and 3.5) eat what we do so it makes life easier! Here is this weeks upcoming meals:


Pork Chops (I like mine seasoned and pan fried in butter!), Homemade apple sauce , Sweet potato Mash, stir fried Cabbage, onion, red and yellow peppers.

Pork Chops


Cauliflower Dahl with red rice (recipe to come on Tuesday!)


Rib Eye Steaks (chilled grass fed from NZ- bought from Chefs Express), Sweet Potato Baked chips (fries for my American friends!) and Apple Slaw (pictured- the kids eat it without the dressing just the raw veg!)Rustic Slaw


GF Slow cooked lasagna (pictured) with mixed salad



Garlic Butter Prawns with butternut squash and goats cheese risotto

(Similar Risotto here– substitute the sweet potato and pancetta for butternut squash and pan fry the prawns in garlic and butter.)

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Slow cooked pork belly, Steamed asparagus, green beans and roast carrots and parsnips

(Pork Belly on chopped onions in the slow cooker for 4 hours on low)


We are out as a family for my birthday! (On thurs!!)


What are you having?

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