Weekend Pancakes

We have pancakes on the weekend a lot! As a family we prefer the American style smaller thicker pancakes. We love to add different fruits to them and so this is our basic recipe and I have added our favorite variations at the bottom (pictures are cacao chip ones!) (bit like these ones too)



Adapted from a basic American Pancake recipe

weekend pancakes

3 Pastured eggs (allowed roam free range and to eat an omnivores diet!) (can also substitute one of the eggs for 1tsp chia seeds; 3 tsp water to add nutrition)

100g Gluten free flour

10g Almond Meal

5g (1 tbs) coconut flour

140mls Milk Kefir or Almond/Oat milk

1tsp baking powder

2 pinches of salt

1 tsp of Cocobono Ginger Sugar


I use my two Kenwood mixer bowls for this. In the metal one I put the egg whites and a half salt. I use the ballon whisk and whisk till soft peaks;

egg whites


In the plastic one I put the egg yolks, flours, baking powder, sugar, milk/kefir, half salt;

first mix


Then mix with balloon whisk till mixed. I then fold in the egg whites to the other mixture. This is your base mix.


In a frying pan add some butter and add mixture with a spoon. Add flavour (see optional extras)


time to add the flavour
time to add the flavour

Then when bubbles appear- flip pancake over and allow to cook for another couple of minutes! Repeat. Stack them up and take to the table!


Optional extras;

Banana, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry (any berry!)

ground nuts, flax, seeds (with fruit)

Cacao nibs (goes really well with banana or raspberry too)


Serve with coconut yoghurt, Raw jam, mixed fruit salad, bacon, or Maple syrup/coconut nectar. Delicious and nutritious!

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