To Jab or not to Jab, please ask the question.

“The only safe Vaccine is the one that is never used” James Shannon, former National Institutes for Health Director.

How many of you read the list of ingredients on something you are about to give your child, or indeed yourself. Most of us have a good idea of what is in the food we eat and have chosen so accordingly. We do it because we know what we put into our bodies will affect how we grow, heal and indeed behave. Too much sugar and we will put on weight and our kids will go nuts then be awful for the rest of the day. Fact. So then how many of you read the vaccine insert for the list of ingredients and side effects before the needle went into your kids arm. How many of you were even offered to read it by your health provider? I am assuming not many. Why?

There is always a reason why something is so controversial, I am the type of person who wants to know. To the extent that I wanted my driving instructor to explain to me how car works so I would understand why I had to change gears and when. So naturally when I am told to trust something, I always want to know why. I have had some vaccinations myself, as a kid and as an adult and never questioned them. Why should I? They are there for our health right. Well scratch the surface like I did when I was pregnant with my first child and you open a can of worms. If you are someone who just gets angry that this is another hippy parent spouting rubbish and take it no further then maybe you need to open your eyes. It is your responsibility to keep your kids healthy and yours alone. They are your children, you should do whats best for them and only you can decide that. Unless you unluckily live in a US state where certain vaccinations are mandatory. Even then there are some loop holes.

The information is easy to find and I will be posting various things here for you to read. But you should be sure, either way, you should be completely sure. There is no room for regrets in your child’s health. This also goes for you too. The Flu vaccine has been implicated in Dementia and Alzheimers yet why do we keep giving it to our elderly every year. I don’t know one person who has had the flu jab and then not gone on to have the worst flu of their lives. Why give it to asthmatics when it greatly diminishes your immune system and can cause asthma? The science does not make sense. The only way to get immunity is to get the disease itself, FACT. Wouldn’t you prefer the natural disease, not the mutated manufactured one? The only way you can pass on immunity is to get the natural disease itself. I know my choice, and I am 100% happy with it. I am totally open to everyone making their own well informed decision, why is your health provider not giving you the same courtesy?

Here’s one of several articles I will be sharing

The Vaccination Council is written by doctors and scientists who have turned away from vaccinations.

Jayne also writes alot about travel vaccinations

The Hep B vaccination at birth in HK to me is madness:
this is the insert

As for Vitamin K:

Also check out I have a copy and if you wanna see it I can organise a viewing.

More recommended reading material from other non-vaccinating parents: and see here also available on Amazon

An awesome support forum with members all over the world giving advice and support

Another great charity devoted to supporting those who chose against vaccinations is

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