Thank you for booking your session

If it is your first session with Louise please take the time to download/print and fill in this form and send it back to her before your session.

The more health history you can give prior to your session the better. This means that the session can centre around what steps you can take for your health, rather than taking history. Everything in your body is connected and by having an overview of your whole body system and the signs and signals you have been given over the years, we can begin to make a plan to bring your body back to balance. Physical and emotional symptoms are also connected so take some time to detail both. Even if it doesn’t feel relevant to why you are coming to a session, it all adds up and and contributes.

Feel free to ask any questions before your session by emailing louise@loulanatural

You will still be charged for your session if you cancel within 24 hours notice. Otherwise, changes can be made to your session time/date if given 24 hours.