5 Ways To cleanse and detox your daily life (not just after Christmas)

5 Ways to cleanse and detox your daily life Loula Natural

5 ways to cleanse and detox your daily life

(not just after Christmas)

Detoxing is a January Trend. However your body will deal up to 4000 substances on a daily basis regardless of what month it is or how much you may have indulged the week before.

Stress produces toxins, eating, drinking and breathing in our polluted air alone creates products natural and unnatural that the body’s detoxification pathways have to deal with. Here are some ways to help support your body and reduce the toxic load on a daily basis.  Much gentler and easier to do; thereby helping you towards a healthier 2014.

1.Every morning, begin the day with a boost. Try my Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar in my Yummy Wake Up drink with Cinnamon and Raw honey. Otherwise why not try hot water and the juice of a lemon + a pinch of cayenne pepper. These are both cleansing and alkalinizing, and the cayenne boosts metabolism/burns fat. They stimulates gastric juices and wake you up- ready to start the day. Water is absolutely essential to the cleansing process. So cutting down on caffeine and alcohol and increasing water will really help support the body. The Yummy Wake up will give you a great buzz- way better than coffee!

2. Epsom salt baths. They work by helping to draw out toxins &  absorb magnesium which may help you relax and sleep. 2 handfuls of Epsom salts in the bath can have a big effect. Magnesium can also help to relax muscles which may help relieve constipation. Going at least once a day is vital to remove toxins and prevent them from recirculation in the body. Fermented foods also help support healthy elimination.

Here are 10 Ways to take a Detox Bath from the The Healthy Honeys and How to take and Epsom salt detox bath from Holistic Health Herbalist

3. Make sure you are getting liver friendly foods: whole eggs, leafy greens (kale, chard, collards, beet greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens), artichoke, beetroot, carrots, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, legumes on a daily basis. Milk thistle as a tea or in your smoothie is a wonderful herb to heal, protect and stimulate the liver. Try a green smoothieEven better why not make it your resolution to get fermented products into your life. Not just a support to the body by healing and strengthening the immune system and digestive system, Bacteria plays an essential role in the supporting the liver. They help break down and reduce the impact of chemical substances and harmful toxins from reaching the blood stream and from re-circulating around the body. This reduction thus relieves the congestion found at the liver. Bacteria are also essential for energy production along with the liver- bonus energy production should be reason enough to get started. Check out my ebook- Culture Your Life- Kefir and Kombucha for daily nourishment for easy ways to get started and loads of recipes. If you need more convincing read 5 Reasons to brew Kombucha and 5 Reasons to make Kefir or Kefir FAQ

4. Exercise will make you sweat. Sweating removes toxins from the body. Most heavy metals are stored in fat reserves- remove the fat cells and remove the toxins. Moving your body (from walking, dancing, running, yoga,) everyday for at least 20 mins will make a big difference see here, here, and here for inspiration! Remember if you are Pre or Post Natal consult someone before exercising- see here

5. Fibre may also help draw toxins out of the body. Increasing your raw fruit and veg will automatically increase fibre intake as will adding flax seeds, psyillum husk, oats, chia seeds to your daily diet in salads or breakfast. See Chia Porridge and Almond and Flax Crackers




Bath Scrub and soak

Can be used on dry skin standing in the shower without water. Scrub all over your body in a circular motion towards the heart, and then just shower off or- can be thrown straight in the bath for a wonderful soak. You can also use any scent you like. (For a bigger batch just multiply each value)

1 cup Epsom salts, 1cup of sea salt Enough olive and sweet almond oil to bind them (maybe 1/2 cup) Essential oils- I used vanilla, cinnamon, ylang ylang and lavender. (can also use chamomile, Rose, Frankincense, Juniper berry, Marjoram, Clary sage- If you are pregnant please check which scents are safe to use first, best to stick to lavender or scentless) Mix and I store them in ziplock bags I recycle but  glass jars would look nicer in the bathroom- jam jars would work just as well too!!

Chia PorridgeGood way to add fibre and essential fats to your diet. Also help with hydration levels

Rainbow meditation– how to stop and breathe a little every day!

Heres a diagram on how your body detox’s to help you understand the amazing process your body does Every Single Day!

liver processes Liver-detox-chart


heal and strengthen digestive system Loula Naturaland

5 nutrients digestive banner

If you love fermenting come and check out my collection of inspiration from around the web. Full of drinks, foods and everything bacteria! Let me know if you would like to be a contributor. Follow Loula Natural’s board +Loula Natural’s Fermenting Inspiration+ on Pinterest.

5 ways to cleanse and detox your daily life Loula Natural pin

What am I so mad about?

Someone I respect as both a person and as a Personal Trainer posted this recently;

“Never ever listen to an overweight person trying to give you nutritional advice…”

It made me so mad for many reasons.

1. What is overweight anyway? By labelling someone as overweight you are saying they are not ideal weight. But who’s ideal? We all know that BMI is a complete waste of time, muscle weighs more than fat. In this instance I assume the person in question would be deemed by some as ‘overweight’. There is so much to take into account, water weight, what time of day is it, have the scales been calibrated and what are they wearing when they are being weighed. All of these factors have absolutely nothing to do with health. I know amazingly healthy people who are ‘so-called’ overweight. However I know more so called ‘ideal’ (read skinny) people who are frightingly unhealthy.

Just google image the word overweight-

overweight 4overweight 6overwight 5overweight 2

Which of these images is overweight to you? I chose these, amongst the somewhat obvious images that came up- these slightly alarmed me that they had been flagged with that tag. Are we so bland that we want everything and everyone to look the same- shouldn’t we as fitness professionals be supporting anyone’s attempt at making the world a healthier happier place? Should we be really be judging a book by its cover?

2. Which leads me onto why should that matter about what they are saying? Do you only ever listen to people who look amazing (whatever you deem to be amazing that is). How many doctors look the picture of health? Maybe on the TV, but we all know how real that is! How many so called fitness experts are just obsessed egocentrics that spend most of the time looking in the mirror at themselves rather than their client who is not doing an exercise appropriate to them or even correctly. I see that ALL the time. One persons attractive is another’s road kill. Most of all why should that matter what they look like if what they are saying is sound information that is well research and makes complete sense.

3. Surely someone professing to be a believer in Holistic health should know better than that. Does this person only train people to look like themselves- what does that say about that person if they do? Does that mean that anyone who trains with that person only want to look exactly like them- if so is that person training people of the opposite sex? What does it say about the person making the statement and their own body image and fears?

and finally, I keep asking myself this over and over- why does it bother ME so much! I am content with who I am, what I am saying and what I look like- or do I still have a little work to do?!

Bottom line- things will come back to bite you in the ass so better make sure what you are saying is kind, supportive, constructive and positive- and good golly that’s what you will receive right back at you! So say I say advise away overweight nutritional therapist- I salute your energy, your passion and your dedication x

What do you think?

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