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March Live EFT Circle

Every month there will be a different live EFT Circle, simply listen in, tap along and benefit. Even if you do not have anything to tap on you will still benefit from following the circle. Our virtual EFT circle is an opportunity to practice with a like minded community through Zoom, a simple and convenient […]

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Inflammation; What do we need to know? Inflammation is not always linked to infection. A strained muscle will cause inflammation without any infection for example. Atherosclerosis (inflammation of the heart blood vessels) is also without infection.  Excess inflammation is connected with the aging process and the sped up deterioration associated of cells. To slow down […]

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Culture Your Life

Culture Your Life Kefir and Kombucha For Every Day Nourishment A Concise Manual for Kefir and Kombucha with over 45 Recipes  (amazon.com affiliate link above) Are you fed up with the following: Suffer from IBS symptoms? Have a gluten or dairy sensitivity? Lack energy? Showing signs of hormonal imbalance? (thyroid, adrenals or oestrogen dominance)? Have central weight […]

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