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The Power of Breathing

Simple Breathing Techniques The more I get to know myself and others around me, the more I am reminded of the importance of taking a breath. Being mindful inoticing in the present, without any judgement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to no longer feel stuck in guilt or remorse about the past or anxious and controlling […]

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Salty Cinnamon Maple Grain Free Granola

Salty Cinnamon Maple Grain Free Granola I have loved alternating between my eggs in the morning and my different grain free raw granola flavours (other recipes here and here). I took inspiration from my cinnamon salty/sweet  popcorn to try to entice my daughter to try it (she is devoted to her muesli for breakfast!). I love […]

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Parsnip Rice

I have been reducing my grain intake to try and reduce inflammation and heal my digestive system. Read a bit more about my journey here. I also try to avoid nightshades and especially potatoes- which I have never really liked anyway! Over the last couple of years staples on the dinner table are cauliflower rice, […]

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