What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the most over used word of the last few years. We equate it with meditation and being quiet and on our own. Most of us think about mindfulness with dread and guilt because we know we should be doing it but it seems like something we just don’t have time for right now, life is just too hectic. However, mindfulness is simply being in the moment.

We can be in the moment whilst surrounded by others, eating, drinking, socialising, before sleep, whilst exercising, with the kids and of course in stressful situations like work, driving, travelling and basically anywhere at anytime!

There are so many studies, articles, blog posts, books and classes about mindfulness, but what are we looking for and how do we find it and make time for it? It is my wish to try and help you through the minefield!

The whole point of mindfulness, I believe, is to access and switch on the body’s rest and recovery mode. Have a look at my post on how the immune system works here. Most people (especially children) are wired into the fight or flight response long term. This has a massive impact on the body’s ability to repair and heal. Inflammation CANNOT we switched off when in fight or flight. How many of you can list some kind of inflammation (digestive weakness, skin issues, muscle aches and pains, back issues, immune weakness, hormone disruption, fatigue and energy issues, lack of libido, sleep issues and brain fog) among their symptoms of unease. Without even having a diagnosis, you can assume we all have inflammation and these symptoms from time to time, we need inflammation to survive and repair. the real problems come when these symptoms become the new normal, when we adjust to thinking that this is how life is. 

Mindfulness insta

Being mindful is first and foremost re-connecting to your body and listening and learning to what all of these symptoms are telling us- AND ACTUALLY RESPONDING.

So many of us think that there has to be a huge change to heal these symptoms, that a strict and impossible diet change has to happen, that a ‘detox’ needs to be done, that a radical upheaval of how we live our lives must be undertaken. So we make small term promises to ourselves to make changes tomorrow or next week, after New Years, in the Spring etc. However you can make a change right here and now.

  1. Feel your body sitting/standing/lying right now, nothing changes you are just checking in.

  2. Listen to your breath naturally and without effort coming in and out.

  3. Say ‘Thank you” to your body and repeat “I am safe”

Welcome to mindfulness, welcome to stopping everything for a second and being in the moment. Even just for a that short time. It is as simple as that. Be mindful as to how you feel, did anything change in that moment. Those tiny changes have a big ripple effect. You may have awakened your intuition a little, did your body prompt you to adjust your position spontaneously or to remember to do, say, take care of something in that moment? Your body will begin to let you know what it is you need to do if you take the time to listen, even for a second.

Once your body begins to return to rest and recovery and you change your beliefs slowly but surely towards self care and nourishment rather than punishment, guilt and shame for not doing more for your body, life will become easy.

In rest and recovery so much healing can begin. When you feel safe in your body and in your environment you can feel energy, motivation, hope, gratitude, faith and happiness. Mindfulness is simply the route to seeing your life for what it already is, wonderful and full of possibility. Not what it has been prior to this moment or even what it will be beyond right now. It is the ability to accept the past and release control over the future by being here now. Subconsciously if you believe life is hard, full of danger and work, where does joy fit in? If there is no joy how can there be health? Maybe it is hard to see life as wonderful, bring mindful can simply be the belief that there can and will be change, that you are open to finding joy, even if it is not in front of you right now.

Mindfulness is accepting that you actually have the ability to be happy even if it is not how you are feeling in this moment. That it is ok to feel what you feel now, that you can thank your body for the chance and opportunity to accept and therefore move forward. It is only when you feel your presence in the here and now that you can make changes. This is true for all ages and I have been teaching my kids mindfulness skills since they were babies so they have lifetime methods to adapt and react to their day to day lives. To try to build core beliefs based on the ability to change and have the responsibility to choose their own paths. Now I have co-written Inner Rainbow Mindfulness as a 7 week course directed at specific ages groups and adaptable for all. Soon to become an online course too.

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Inner Rainbow Mindfulness Course

Inner Rainbow logo (1)

Inner Rainbow

Mindfulness for All Ages

Throughout my years of being in the health industry I have been constantly reminded of the importance of emotional and spiritual health. Without those two hugely important factors physical health cannot be achieved. It is the most amazing thing seeing people’s energy rising dramatically when inner emotional factors have been released. I have experienced this myself in my own journey many times. Thus designing this Inner Rainbow Mindfulness course, for all ages, has been something in my mind for many years.

Every one and everything has a vibration which has cause and effect upon everything surrounding it. This is also the same for every cell, organ and system in our human bodies. Seemingly undetectable frequencies being sent and received to our other cells, nervous system and brain as well as to others and our environment. There is a constant exchange of information through electromagnetic waves, this is a very well known and scientifically proven fact. Being mindful is an attempt to tap into these messages and to consciously try to react to them. That is what true presence is all about.

Sounds woo woo, but it is so simple. Some call it intuition, some call it gut feeling others call it the voice in their head. Its all really the same. The messages just get louder and louder till we sit and listen. As we age we get better at ignoring the signals as there is much around us to distract us. The head often gets in the way of the heart. Our kids have to have a sharper connection to it and their reactions to the messages are bigger and louder. Here is some more insight in to the benefits of mindfulness

Inner Rainbow Mindfulness 7 week Course

The Inner Rainbow mindfulness course has come from years of experience from both myself and Kate Baldwin a very passionate Kinesiologist and long time friend of mine. Seeing clients, friends, family members and of course ourselves trying to figure out the causes of dis-ease and imbalance. Using our skills to teach others, methods to cut through the noise and distraction, to help us to decipher and receive the messages, amplify or invet these frequencies to better effect in our body and the world around us.

The course is aimed at different ages but will all have the same core skill set and tools available to the participants. The key aim is to allow you to take back control and responsibility for your body, no matter what age you are is, in a way that is appropriate and accessible to you and your abilities. To recover communication both with yourself and the world around you, step by step. Skills you should have and need to be able to react to the world around you with more care and better effect.

We are not perfect beings, however, we are allowed to make mistakes, its is what we take from those hiccups and how we react to them that matter.

What the Inner Rainbow Mindfulness course contains:

During the class you should expect to benefit from the following tools we bring to the class:

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Each week we will use a different colour corresponding to a different Chakra area of the body. This will allow us to open up different emotions, physicality and focus with each week building onto the next. The class will help participants to engage all their senses using age appropriate movement exercises (Brain Gym exercises which may help to relieve stress and improve co-ordination between left and right brain activities), meditations, food discussions, emotional communication games, aromatherapy oils, Bach Flower Remedies, Kinesiology muscle testing, EFT (in some cases) crystals and each class concludes with journal either writing or drawing (depending on ability and desire to communicate). 

Alongside the weekly classes, we have complied exclusive online content including;

Video of the exercises

MP3 recordings of the meditations

Crystal cards,

Aromatherapy cards

Bach Remedy Cards

Cards with tips and foods discussed in the class.

These will be available to continue you ‘work’ outside the class room and help build these new skills into your daily lives.

Rainbow Crystal Bead-Moonstone

Each week will have a crystal bead to build a Chakra Rainbow band, a room spray with Bach Flower Remedies and aromatherapy oils to help to build their safe space and routine at home. We will also provide a notebook for journaling activities. These should be brought back each week.

Here are some further articles written by either myself or Kate

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What is a Naturopath

What is a Naturopath Loula Natural

What is a Naturopath?

Have you ever wondered about what a Naturopathic Doctor does? Ever wanted to see one but are confused about why it may work for you? In a nutshell a Naturopath with use only natural means to heal, repair and balance the body. Whether acute or chronic- all conditions can be dealt with using nature.

We all have different tools in our tool box, but in general you can expect to talk about energy medicines  like homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies or other vibrational remedies, emotional freedom technique (eft), herbs, healing power of foods, fermentation, accupuncture, kineseolgy, essential oils, muscle testing, breathing techniques, exercise advice, meditation and other mindful practices with other stress management techniques.

As you can see our breadth and scope of healing tools is vast. This gives us so much to draw from when seeking to help the individual. We are able to help balance symptoms, as we always concentrate on seeking and resolving the cause of the imbalance. Our knowledge about how the body works and all our body systems work together, Combined with a more open minded approach to healing free of the dogma of strict diagnosis and protocols means we can truly tailor make an individual treatment plan just for you.

I am so passionate about what I do and it is a huge part of who I am as a person and as a mother. I am constantly seeking ways to help people get back to themselves, to feel safe, secure and powerful and happy.

health quote collage

These are the six principles we ascribe to and all of them mean so much to me;

Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:


The Healing Power of Nature:

The Vital force, an inherent self-healing process in each of us which is both ordered and intelligent. Each person has their own relationship with it. A Naturopath will give the body space to have the energy to heal themselves helping to remove obstacles to healing and recovery. To help identify bodies signals and deliver options for the individual to come into line with their own healing intuition.

Identify and Treat the cause:

A Naturopath will seek to identify the underlying cause or driver of the illness rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. By resolving the cause of the issue everything else will be resolved in the ripple effect! 

First Do No Harm:

Use the least force necessary to diagnose and treat. Minimise risk of harmful side effects. Avoid the suppression of symptoms. Acknowledge, respect and work with the individuals self-healing process. Refer to others for treatment when your skills are inappropriate. Know your own skills and limitations. 

Doctor as Teacher:

A Naturopath will educate and encourage their patient towards self-responsibility for health. Teach them about their body and encourage the idea that prevention is better than cure. Empower them to heal themselves. A Naturopath support the healing; however you do it!

Treat the Whole Person:

Take into account individual physical, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental, social and other factors. Get the whole picture. Bring the body’s systems together again. Work at the individuals own pace to reunited them with their instinct and intuition.

Prevention Rather than Cure:

Emphasise the prevention of disease. Asses risk-factors, hereditary and susceptibility to disease and making appropriate interventions with your patient to prevent illness. Commit to create a healthy world where all of humanity can and will thrive.

These principles are the Hippocratic oath that all Doctors take. We just interpret them slightly differently. A Naturopath will take  full history and really get to know not only the physical issues but also the emotional ones too. Each personality will need different courses of action and each person will be able to make changes at different speeds. The key to the treatment is in giving the individual the responsibility to heal.

The only person that can make you well and happy is yourself. I can give you a tool box to work from but you need to listen and respond to your body. I teach many classes to help people to start to make choices for themselves and their families. Education is key, coupled with motivation for change and you will become unstoppable!

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5 Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally

5 Ways to Boost Fertility Loula Natural

5 Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally

I have been trying to write this 5 Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally for months now but something has always been in the way. I think I have identified what it is. Writing about fertility in an honest and open manner is hard, I am always afraid of hurting people. The truth is that no one really knows why one person finds it easy and others find it really hard. There is so much information out there it can be really confusing and upsetting when the thing you want the most is so emotionally and physically hard for some yet a breeze for others. It is hard to find other ways of 

Personally I have two children- neither of whom were planned so pregnancy found me rather than the other way around.I have never experienced a miscarriage (knowingly) or lost a baby. I have no idea how it feels. I feel very blessed that I have had a pretty easy life. However I have always had the core belief that;

Anything is Possible

Anything. Think of all the stories about people getting pregnant against all odds, have just adopted after years of trying, whilst on the pill/using a barrier method/ other form of contraception (both of mine I was using the natural charting method and with both pregnancies I felt myself ovulate twice- no one can predict that!), all those teenagers pregnant after one time and don’t get me started on the women who have a baby who had no way of knowing they were even pregnant! Anything is possible.

I have had many fertility clients- most know as much as I do about the physicality of getting pregnant. Some know way more! The nutrients needed, the environment necessary, the charting the checking and all the rest. I remember in our reproductive lectures thinking- geez you have to have all that in place and perfect- its a wonder it happens at all! But it does- all the time. Boosting your fertility naturally is also pretty easy.

Trying to control everything (your body, your environment, your emotions, your life) is exhausting. You also can’t control everything because

Anything is Possible

so why not let it just happen. Easy to say- hard to do? Most people dare to hope as it will be too sad if it doesn’t come true- I always hope- its what drives us forward. Boostingfertility naturally- especially these 5 ways will also have little side effect nor will they negatively impact your daily lifestyle too much.

Everyone knows that stress is also massively detrimental, yet most women are placing enormous pressure and stress on their nervous system while trying to get pregnant. Emotions are a huge influence on our body’s functions. Environment includes emotional environment. This is where I generally start with almost all of my clients (fertility or not) as it cannot be ignored. Yet when we really want something we all seem to be either raw with emotion or emotionally closed off- subconciously and conciously.

I hear many women say;

a baby/another baby will complete our family

a baby will make me feel completed

its time to have a baby

I always thought I would already have a baby by now

I have always wanted kids

My husband/mother/friends/siblings are always asking me when/if I am going to have a baby

Everyone else is finding it easy to have children then why not me

I always feared infertility

I have (insert label- medical or not) and that plays a part in my inability to conceive/carry to full term

Core beliefs about yourself will effect your emotional well-being for good and bad. Are you worthy to have happiness in your life, are you enough for yourself, can you choose to be happy right now, do you look in the mirror and love what you see? These now are questions I often ask. Most people (men and women alike) struggle to answer these core questions with a resounding positive- Why?

This is what I try to start with and what this 5 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally. I hope women (and men) whether you are trying to conceive or not can feel empowered and most of all some simple happiness and believe- Anything is possible

Using natural methods that you may not expect can have a huge impact on boosting your Fertility

5 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

1. Emotion Freedom technique (EFT). Change your emotional response and thought patterns to memories and break the cycle of self-destruction. When using EFT you access subconscious thoughts and feelings you may not even realize you have. Have the ability to change some negative core beliefs about your self, your partner, your childhood and how life can be. It is such a relief to get rid of some of the guilt, anger, hurt, fear or other negative emotions; believe me I have experienced releasing all of those emotions. It’s a work in progress but an easy tool to learn and use- aided or unaided. Check out my link for more details

2. Bach Flower Remedies; Bach believed that all dis-ease was centered around emotional starting point. The first to introduce vibration medicines, he developed his 38 remedy system to address and release emotional stagnation and return you to the positive. The energy you receive from releasing negative emotions is amazing and from being able to sleep better, wake up refreshed and to generally look forward to the day ahead will have huge bearing on your ability to conceive and carry a baby to full term. Hope will come back with realistic expectations. I ask you to choose the remedies yourself and each choice of blend is always very illuminating and always relevant. Together with affirmations you are given a remedy to use whenever you need a boost and support.

3. Nutrition; Ensuring your blood sugars are balanced, that you are eating vital, nutrient dense whole foods is not only going to affect your physical body and ability to conceive but also your mood and general outlook on life will also be adjusted. This is obvious sure, but crucial. Eliminating chemicals, refined sugar, ensuring mineral and vitamin levels are corrected and digestion, immune and hormonal systems are strong and balanced. However I also strongly believe the 80/20 ratio and hey if you eat that refined sugar, use a chemical perfume or do something you are ‘not meant to’- if you do it because you want to and it gives you pleasure- do it. Enjoy it- and never hide it, squash it, feel guilty about it. Its not worth it! If you are doing it to forget, run away or somehow punish yourself- then that emotion will need to be addressed. Healing the whole body will allow all human function to return- Nutrition is key to this.

4. Acupuncture; By using acupuncture you are releasing blocks, stagnation and returning flow. This is beneficial for your whole body. It is great for fertility because it will help to heal the whole body. I use Ear acupuncture which is a little like reflexology in that your whole body is represented in your ears so you can easily help to balance certain areas. It is very relaxing as you can pin point areas on the ear you can self-manipulate to help calm you down or energize you. Used together with the Bach Flower Remedies it is a really powerful treatment.

5. Live your Life; Most people put something off for the perfect time. I have learnt that there is no perfect time; just now. So if there is something you want to do, learn, visit, try; go, do it, do it now. If I know anything it is that children will come when they are good and ready and normally (for me anyway) when you least expect them and at seemingly at the ‘wrong time’ which of course is the perfect time! Losing time you will never get back will cause stagnation; keep moving, dreaming and living and believe

Boosting Fertility Anything is possible Loula Natural

Let me know if I can help support you in any way.

Here is how my friend boosted her fertility with How I Got Pregnant in 1 Month by The Crunchy Moose

Rainbow meditation

Over the last few weeks I have used meditation for numerous reasons. Mostly to calm me down and to help me trust nature and it’s capacity to heal and re energise.

I used it to connect to my baby whilst pregnant and when I went almost 2 weeks over my due date after expecting another early baby, to my latest mastitis pain and healing process. I have also used it to help me deal with my mums recent death and the frustrations, anger and guilt attached to adjusting to having another family member and my toddlers reaction to it. I tend to give energy out without leaving much for myself and so I am conscious that I need to reset and refuel myself and my body. This is where rainbow meditation comes in for me.

Rainbows symbolise hope for me. I love colour, wearing certain colours gives me confidence and peace of mind. I feel uncomfortable in black or white without a burst of colour. Visualisation is a key tool for me too, I use it all the time whether I am thinking of how to get somewhere or to use a specific muscle in the body. To put the two together to make changes in the body makes perfect sense to me.

Simply get comfortable and focus on your breathing. Then picture each colour whilst breathing in and focus on breathing out the murkiness. I do this until I feel like I’m breathing out white. Continue through the rainbow. If you need more guidance there are many similar ones on you tube. I’m sure many out there would object but how I see it is meditation is mostly about stopping and focusing on breathing. Getting oxygen in and around the body is so important.

Getting people to meditate can be hard because it is perceived to be this ultra zen feeling that has to be taught and done for hours. I do it for 10 mins in the bath or when I am cuddling one of my babies to sleep or even to get me to sleep myself. It can be accessible and most importantly can fit into your day no matter how much time. Even a minute concentrating on just breathing is good enough. Try it!

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