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Lemon Sage Cordial

  Lemon Sage Cordial We are used to seeing sage as a culinary herb, but did you know about all of the amazing medicinal uses? Used in most cultures around the world for centuries, Sage has so many amazing benefits. Containing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may help to protect, and heal, cells throughout the […]

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Loula Reviews Microbirth

Loula Reviews Microbirth On the 20th of September (2014), One World Birth put together a worldwide premier of their new documentary- Microbirth. It was a clever way of getting small groups together to hold screenings around the globe to try to get people together to watch and be able to ask questions. Groups were held by […]

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How To; Ferment Sauerkraut

How To: Ferment Sauerkraut For my inspiration watch this; Sandor Katz has taught me so much about fermenting… here is his book The Art of Fermentation. and here is his book Wild Fermentation and the link to his website. Here is how I have tried to make sauerkraut- without a crock or any kind of fancy […]

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