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Lemon Sage Cordial

  Lemon Sage Cordial We are used to seeing sage as a culinary herb, but did you know about all of the amazing medicinal uses? Used in most cultures around the world for centuries, Sage has so many amazing benefits. Containing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may help to protect, and heal, cells throughout the […]

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Honey and onion immune booster and cough elixir

Onions are amazing at drawing out bacteria and microbes.  They also have anti-inflammatory and congestion-relieving properties. Also onions are recognised as being able to relieve symptoms of the flu such as coughs, congestion, respiratory infections and bronchitis, as they contain anti-viral elements. They are also high in sulfuric compounds such as thiosulfinates, Research shows that the thiosulfinates in […]

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