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Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread Works best when making mini loafs as they stay moist and not too dense. 4 tbs coconut sugar, 2 tbs coconut nectar 2tbs Olive oil, 2tbs coconut oil 1tbs Kefir (any-optional but makes it lighter) 400g Pureed pumpkin ¼ lemon squeezed Thumbnail size of grated ginger. 1 cup Almond Flour, ½ cup Quinoa Flour […]

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Twix and health inbetween

My quest for replicating common chocolates continues- I love my ‘Bounty’s’ now on to ‘Twix’ (would love to do Kit Kat but I think that gonna be impossible) My journey began with foods I have never heard of till now. I have a dehydrator at home inherited from my folks who bought it to dry […]

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Choco Coco Snackaroons

 Choco Coco Snackaroons As my daughter is back to school its all about snacks and lunches for me- coming up with ideas to keep her going and keeping her balanced is another full time job!! So when I saw a pack of coconut macaroons in the health food shop I was interested in maybe seeing […]

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