Kefir Whey, Lemon and Garlic Fermented Green Beans

Kefir Whey, Lemon and Garlic Fermented Green Beans

Kefir Whey, Lemon and Garlic Fermentd Green Beans Loula Natural

I joined a challenge to eat a fermented food every day for 30 days (see here). I have been inspired to get fermenting. I made my first sauerkraut and now I wanted to do green beans. I also have a big jar of whey in  my fridge from making Kefir Cheese. The benefit of using Kefir whey is that you also benefit from the many strains of bacteria and yeast combined within Kefir (rather than the 1/2 strains from yoghurt whey)

Kefir Whey, Lemon and Garlic Fermented Green Beans
A fresh tasting, vibrant way to ferment green beans- Great for snacking on adding to salads and sandwiches.
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  1. 500g Green beans
  2. 2 tbs Whey (I used kefir whey you can also use water kefir)
  3. 1 1/2 tablespoons of Himalayan Pink salt/ sea salt (I generally use a 1.5% brining method so find out what 1.5% of your beans weight is for your salt weight)
  4. Half a lemon (cut into wedges
  5. 3-4 Cloves of garlic (crushed)
  6. Enough filtered water to fill the jar with the beans in it.
  1. Top and tail the ends off the green beans
  2. Place the jar on its side as it is easier to pack the beans in that way
  3. Place the lemon and garlic in around the beans packing it all in
  4. Add the whey and salt and top up with enough water to ensure the tops of the beans are completely covered. Place a lid on and secure so you can give it a shake to disolve the salt.
  5. Loosen the lid so the carbon dioxide does not build up. Leave on the counter for 24-48 hours (it depends on the room temperature and humidity levels of where you are)
  6. Then allow the fermentation to either continue on the side and monitor or you can refridgerate now and allow to continue to ferment slowly in the fridge.
  7. Leave for between 1-2 weeks- keep tasting. Also monitor gas build up and keep opening the jar to release it.
  1. These are great to snack on straight out of the jar. Retain the salted mixture to ferment the next batch!
Loula Natural
Here is the image to show you what I mean by fill the jar on its side


Kefir Whey, Lemon and Garlic Fermentd Green Beans Loula Natural Pin 

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