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How do I naturally boost the immune system?

How do I naturally boost the immune system? Inflammation is key to healing and the immune system- it is the way the body puts up barriers to shield off the area needing repair. By allowing the inflammation, heat (fever), pain and swelling to be like a no go area (like when resurfacing a road) you are allowing […]

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Ask Loula Eating Out and Travel Food

I have been asked some great questions this week- I chose these questions to answer publicly because so many of you will be eating out on holiday and may struggle with how to make healthy choices. When you eat out, where do you go and what do you choose; I grew up (and now live […]

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Should we feed our pets real food

Should we feed our pets real food? Just like Human’s our pets have basic needs. I am not a vet but as a Naturopath I have a good understanding in the power of nature to heal and nourish. These recommendations are made after hours of research and applying basic principles of natural health across the […]

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