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Scrub off the old and in with the new

I love cosmetics, love the luxury of breaking routine and having a nice scrub. So much out there that sounds nice- even when so called organic- has stuff with names I can barely pronounce! So I have decided to make my own….technically if you can eat it I will put it in my skin! Salt […]

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5 Ways To cleanse and detox your daily life (not just after Christmas)

5 ways to cleanse and detox your daily life (not just after Christmas) Detoxing is a January Trend. However your body will deal up to 4000 substances on a daily basis regardless of what month it is or how much you may have indulged the week before. Stress produces toxins, eating, drinking and breathing in […]

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Naturopath’s Family Travel Kit

Preping for travel. Packing with a family is such a headache! I need to make sure I have just enough just in case but not too much that we are lugging stuff all over the place!! I always make sure I have lavender- good for most things- immune boosting, anti bacterial, calming (good for sunburn […]

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