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Slow Cooked Apple, Rhubarb and Ginger Porridge

Last week I tried this delicious recipe from Sarah at Real Food Outlaws http://realfoodoutlaws.com/pumpkin-pie-overnight-crock-pot-oatmeal-soaked-gluten-free/ I had been meaning to try porridge in my slow cooker and this really helped me to get addicted! I used my pumpkin spice and I added Kefir to the cooking pot as it was on a low temperature. Its was delicious […]

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5 Reasons to Include Raw Food into Your Day:

To clarify by Raw I include all fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their normal unprocessed state. The food is never heated above 115 degrees F or 48C. I do not support a full Raw Food Diet no more than I would support any diet that is restrictive and unbalanced. I endorse a 80/20% moderation in […]

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Coconut Yoghurt

This is my favourite thing to add to my Chia porridge for breakfast. The taste is so vibrant and alive yet still naturally sweet and a great yoghurt tang. I use my dehydrator to incubate it but you could use a yoghurt maker or even a bain marie (inside a bowl inside a bowl filled […]

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