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Weaning Recipes from Nurture Your Life

Weaning Recipes Have your read my new REAL FOOD way to wean your child? Its called Nurture Your Life (link here). These weaning recipes are all featured in the book.  Here are all the recipes with their links from the book. Let me know your favourite! First foods: (4-8 months depending on child’s ability to […]

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Nurture Your Life- Your REAL FOOD weaning guide

Nurture Your Life is the second in my series of books on natural health (the first was Culture Your Life published 2014). Children’s nutrition is a big passion of mine. As a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist I see many children with chronic conditions like persistent illness, skin conditions, energy and growth issues and a staggering increase […]

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The Unconventional Guide to Kids Food

Good nutrition is vital for your child’s healthy development…It is often overlooked and very misinformed in conventional avenues. Babies need more nutrient-dense calories (such as fats and protein) per pound than at any other age.  It really is amazing to watch how many changes they go through in the first year – physically, mentally and […]

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