How do I naturally boost the immune system?

Naturally Boost Your Immune System Loula NAtural

How do I naturally boost the immune system?

Inflammation is key to healing and the immune system- it is the way the body puts up barriers to shield off the area needing repair. By allowing the inflammation, heat (fever), pain and swelling to be like a no go area (like when resurfacing a road) you are allowing that area to get what it needs. By ignoring these symptoms and surpressing them with anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, steroids, antibiotics and so many other methods you are prolonging the area the time and resources it needs to heal and return to optimum health. By using natural methods to boost the immune system, you can promote healing and repair of the whole body.

Look to nutrients which support the immune system and all the jobs it needs to do- central to this, of course, are bacteria. Fermented foods are the easiest way to get the body balanced. A man named Antoine Bechamp (who worked alongside Louis Pasteur) discovered tiny organisms he called “microzymas” which are present in all things – animal, vegetable, and mineral, whether living or dead. Depending upon the condition of the host, these microzymas could assume various forms. Bad bacteria and viruses were simply the forms assumed by the microzymas when there was a condition of disease. In a diseased body, the microzymas became pathological bacteria and viruses all in the name of survival. In a healthy body, microzymas formed healthy cells. Fermented foods have a balanced ratio of these microzyma’s which can morph, adapt and transform into what the body needs to regain balance. 

Also read this great article from Lynn Margulis about how Kefir forms in the same manner. There is also this one on multicellularity;

“Single celled micro-organisms are constantly interacting with their neighbours, from individuals of the same species to cells from different domains of life, forming complex biofilm patterns, complex nutritional symbioses, and complex clumps.” (source)

Here is Kefir under the microscope;


 Sometimes this may mean the body’s inflammatory response will turn on to set up a healing area so that the body is able to find energy, strength and motivation. A common thing I hear is that ‘fermented foods do not agree with me”. This is not true- the body has to sometimes go through upheaval to achieve balance. We are 10-20 times more bacterial cells than human cells. Fermented foods are essential for every age to boost the immune system.

Every human on the planet needs fermented foods in their daily diet. Regardless of age.

Life gets better Loula Natural

Firstly REDUCE the IMPACT of Stress

Excessive stress (whether mental, physical or emotional) is detrimental to your immune system and therefore your overall health. Stress affects you by drawing away your life blood from the organs to supply the skeletal muscles in the fight or flight mode. Whether you perceive stress or not, stress is a reaction to stimulus, whether that be walking down the road in a city with everything going on around you, to being overworked and underfed in a job situation, to constantly worrying about anything and everything.

Even watching TV is a stressful situation as the constant flicker and movement is incredibly stimulating. In fight or flight (the opposite being the Relaxation response) mode the blood supply is diverted away from your organs to the skeletal muscles. By diverting the blood supply you are taking away nutrients, oxygen and life source away from the cells in your vital organs disrupting the essential environment and processes for cellular health. Any stagnation, mental, physical and emotional will also contribute to this. To boost the immune system we need to have times in the day to return to rest and recovery mode.

Use Breathing techniques (here is my Rainbow Breathing and Simple Meditation from Real Fit Mama)

Visualisation techniques

Gentle exercise like hiking and yoga

Get into nature- grounding



Bach Flower Remedies


Aromatherapy (essential oils)

Get back to REST and RECOVERY everyday for at least 1-5 minutes. Tiny changes can make huge differences.

Nutrients needed to boost the immune system then also help the bacterial levels in your body or will help the body through the various stages of inflammation (heat, swelling, pain and redness (blood circulation).

Immune Boosting Foods

Nutrients that help can naturally help balance bacteria;

Fermented foods (see my book Culture Your Life)





Raw honey  


Super Greens

Spices; Cinnamon, cloves, star anise

Coconut (oil, meat, water)

Jerusalam artichokes


Herbs; thyme, rosemary, oregano, coriander, parsley and basil

Protecting nutrients (allow the body to do its job);

Anti-Oxidants (berries, greens, hibiscus, Rose hips, elderberries)

Viamin A

Vitamin C (including citrus fruits)

Hormone Balancers (like blood-sugar balancers-Holy Basil, cinnamon)

Vitamin D

Fats (butter/ghee, coconut oil, nuts/seeds, avocado’s and eggs)

Protein (including gelatin)



Ginger (helps to raise the body temperature)

Bone Broths

Herbs; thyme, rosemary, oregano, coriander, parsley and basil

Nutrients that also clean up and restore the area back to normal


Anti-inflammatories (see a whole list here)

Fermented Foods (see my book Culture Your Life)

Epsom salts


Aloe Vera



Immune Boosting Foods Pin

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Naturally Boost Your Immune System Loula NAtural Pin

What do you do when your kids get sick?



*Disclaimer alert!* I am a qualified Naturopath and I am happy looking after my kids with support from various practitioners. I only use natural methods with them and myself. However if the need arose I also know who their GP is and I trust him too. If you are ever worried about your child you should see someone qualified (Naturopath, Homeopath or other practitioner including Medical) and that you trust. This information is sharing experience and in no way is a prescription for what you should do.

People are often very surprised that the only Dr my children have ever seen is the one that first checked them over when they entered the world. I am not reckless with my kids health and it is not a point of pride they just simply haven’t needed what a Dr can offer them. That’s not to say they have never been sick- they have- I am prepared with natural remedies and supplements for most eventualities and have nursed chickenpox and slapped cheak and loads of various coughs and colds and vomiting episodes. Here is my first aid kit. I am also constantly asking for help from colleagues and  other practitioners- just haven’t needed a Dr’s advice. That is not to say I will never ask a Dr- I just haven’t needed to so far. Both of my kids were sick last week. Here is how I handled it;

Kid number 1

aged 1 had a low grade fever, a new tooth, runny nose with clear snot, was extra clingy and had his first red and raw spotty nappy rash. When the temperature disappeared the rash spread, mostly down the legs and on feet and on hands and a couple on elbows.

What did I do?

Firstly I looked at pictures of rashes (chicken pox, measles, hand, foot and mouth, allergy rashes and nappy rash) I ruled out the first three from the presenting symptoms. Knowing that I was dealing with nappy rash and a systemic rash I was confident that letting the body run its course with support was key to healing.

I immediately replaced the biodegradable unscented wipes we use (only when necessary) and used the re-useable wipes in a box with added water and lavender and calendula tincture. We also used Epsom salts and coconut water kefir in the bath to help balance the skins bacteria and draw out any toxins (I think this is the reason why most of the rash presented on the lower portion of the bod as it was the most in contact with the bath water). I also upped the kefir in his diet and added cooled hibiscus, ginger and lemon tea with a little raw honey (contains great Vitamin C levels) and other immune boosting foods such as coconut ginger chicken soup. They both also share my Apple Cider Vinger drink. I gave him Graphites In a homeopathic potency (30c) and then silica later (30c).

I had recently introduced gluten and dairy (kefir) to test and so immediately retracted those two foods for now again. On the 5th day the rash disappeared. The whole time kid 1’s mood and personality remained the same so I felt confident that this was the right course of action.

Kid number 2

aged 3.5 2 days after Kid 1 became sick- Kid 1 woke up hot and not herself. She was tired and didn’t want any food so went back to bed herself an hour after waking (unheard of!!) so I let her sleep. When she woke she was a little better but still hot.


What did I do?

So I put lots of clothes on her to help her body heat up to fight whatever it was she is fighting. I don’t take their temperature because I monitor other symptoms (responsiveness, alert, pupil dilation, speech, floppy etc). She was responsive and although tired and subdued, still could function and was somewhat alert. Her pupils appeared normal. She was happy to be warm so we had no aircon, she had socks, tracky bums, vest t’shirt and cardigan on! I was in a vest and shorts! it was 30+ degrees!

She was complaining of a sore throat and asking for honey- (she gets a tsp of raw honey with a raw throat!). I also gave her a tsp of coconut oil. After another sleep and just lying on the couch all day by late afternoon she started to feel a little hungry. We were drinking Hibiscus lemon, ginger with a little raw honey all day till we sweated it (I was also getting hot eyes and a sore throat). She then had some chicken soup and promptly vomited up a lot of liquid. After that she perked up even more! She was also remarkably cooler by this time. She had another quick nap. By the time her dad came home she was feeling better but still had no dinner- she just wanted water.

That night she slept all night and woke up starving!!! We had already cancelled the two days activities so that she could convalescence and it was explained that even though she felt better she still had to relax for one more day to make sure she could get nice and strong again. By the evening it was as though the day before never existed. I was happy to be able to take them both outside to clear the cobwebs!

Kids know what they want and need, because it was 24 hours with very little food I didn’t have to worry that she wasn’t hungry. She was drinking water and like I mentioned had good responses so I was happy this time to stay at home chill out and let them ride it out.

For myself my Apple cider Vinegar drink combined with everything else (kefir, Kombucha, chicken soup and hibiscus tea) and a good nights sleep I felt better in a couple of days too and the forced stay in was good for us all!!!


Whats in your first aid kit and what do you do to nurse your kids yourself?