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Beetroot Brownies

I love these brownies I have given them to ‘brownie haters’ and they have liked them! Seriously rich and delicious brownies with way more goodness than the normal ones! Ingredients 400g/2 1/2 cups Raw Beetroot peeled and roughly chopped (use plastic gloves if you don’t want to stain your fingers) then add to saucepan and […]

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Raw Almond Milk

I used to make Raw Almond Milk for my daughter for when she weaned off Breast milk at 15 months. I was really confused, we are a dairy free family and I wanted to be able to give her something with loads of nutrition. Almonds are packed with goodness- calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E to […]

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Lemon and Orange Shortbread

Gluten Free Lemon and Orange Shortbread Shortbread has to be the easiest biscuit to make with kids- there are not many ingredients, it gets whipped up together, it can be made healthy (see my recipe) and the kids love using their fingers to ‘roll’ it out before using cookie cutters! It is a pretty fool […]

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