Sweet Potato Falafel with a Garlic Kefir Dip

Sweet Potato Falafel and Garlic Kefir Dip Loula Natural

Sweet Potato Falafel and Garlic Kefir Dip

I made these for a recent party where I was asked to bring a veggie dish that didn’t need to be hot! These perfect. Great as finger food but can also be served as a side dish. Great in wraps too for lunch box ideas. Sweet potato’s are full of beta-carotene’s. We eat them almost every day.

Sweet Potato Falafel with a Garlic Kefir Dip
Great party food, lunch box addition or as a side dish. Can be eaten hot or cold and can be prepared ahead of time or frozen.
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  1. 200g Sweet Potato (Yams) Peeled and diced. (you can also use half sweet potato half carrot)
  2. 100g parmesan/pecarino cheese (you also use coconut or nutritional yeast for Dairy free)
  3. 1 egg (you could use ground flax in water as an egg replacement)
  4. Salt and Pepper
  5. 3tbs Oat flour (or any other flour- coconut/almond/buckwheat)
  6. For the Dip
  7. 1 cup Kefir (or Kefir Cheese)
  8. 1-2 Cloves of garlic
  9. 3 Spring onions
  10. 1tsp coconut sugar
  11. Salt and Pepper
  1. Steam the sweet potato for 10 mins. 'Rice' the potato in the food processor. Squeeze excess water out using a cotton soup/nut bag or muslin cloth. Add to a bowl with the other ingredients (except flour). Mix well and then using the flour on your hands and on a baking sheet roll into balls. Bake balls in the oven at 180-200 degrees C for 10-20 mins. Heat coconut oil in a pan and fry off to make a bit crispier (optional).
  2. To make the dip mix all the ingredients together in the food processor until combined.
Adapted from Cauliflower Cheesy Nuggets
Loula Natural https://loulanatural.com/
Garlic Kefir Dip collage Loula Natural

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