Sundried Tomatoes

sundried tomato Many of you ask me “Do I need a dehydrator”

my answer of course is “No!”

“If I get one will I use it?”

“I use mine everyday for all sorts of things”

These are the kinds of things I love it for;

Drying fruit, vegetables and herbs that would otherwise go past their best and go to waste. Case in point my delicious tomatoes from my Eat Fresh box. Of course they can be added to so many things (Slow cooker Lasagna, meatball pasta, Summer squash Lasagna) just to name a few, however I also love them ‘sundried’ (with the sun would be great-but on the 27th floor with no balcony or window sill- hard to do!) to add to my Kefir Cheese, or salads and lettuce wraps

lettuce wraps

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