Online Mindfulness for Teens (4 week course)



Are you looking for an engaging and productive way for your teen to fill their time over the Summer? Look no further! Our online mindfulness course is designed specifically for teens aged 11-18. It provides a convenient and accessible opportunity for them to learn valuable mindfulness techniques that can positively impact their well-being. You can have them start when it suits you both.

This on-demand course allows teens to participate from the comfort of their own homes, using their phones, tablets, or laptops. They can access the course material at their convenience, playing the modules when it suits their schedule. No need to worry about time constraints or conflicting commitments.

Throughout the course, participants will receive a weekly email, every Monday, guiding them to the next weeks modules. This ensures a structured and progressive learning experience, allowing them to deepen their understanding and practice of mindfulness over four weeks. Additionally, if they have any questions or need support, they can easily get in touch with our dedicated instructor.

Rest assured, this course is designed to be relatable and engaging for teens. We promise it’s not cringey! Our goal is to provide practical and accessible mindfulness techniques that resonate with the teenage experience. The course content is tailored to their age group, addressing their unique challenges and interests.

To get started, simply sign up your teen with their email address and let them embark on this transformative journey. Help them develop essential skills for stress reduction, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower your teen with mindfulness practices that can benefit them for a lifetime. Enrol them today and watch them flourish!

Course Overview:

  • Accessible from phones, tablets, or laptops
  • Self-paced learning at their convenience
  • Weekly email guidance for structured progress
  • Instructor support for any questions or concerns
  • Age-appropriate content for teens aged 11-18

Register your teen now and give them the gift of mindfulness!


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