Navigate Puberty Naturally

Next class is Saturday June 10th 2023 Kinsale Health Hub, Kinsale

This class can either be in-person or via zoom to accommodate your needs.

It can also be recorded if necessary.


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Join us for a transformative class on supporting our kids as they navigate the transitional period of puberty naturally and with ease. Did you know that puberty actually begins as early as the age of 8 and can continue well into our 20s? It’s crucial to help our children establish a sense of balance within themselves, both physically and emotionally, so they can feel and act kinder to their bodies.


In this class, we will provide valuable insights on understanding their changing bodies and facilitate their needs through simple and easy to add nutrition tips, herbal advice, and important information on benefits of bacterial balance. Additionally, we will explore the power of simple breathwork/mindfulness techniques that can benefit both kids and parents, helping everyone navigate this transformative time together.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to empower your child and create a supportive environment for their puberty journey. Join us and gain the knowledge and tools to ensure a smoother transition for your child.


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