Learn EFT for stress management class

1.5 hours class

Learn all the EFT points and the Gamut

Know how, when and why to use EFT

Gain practical experience of tapping

Worksheets included to help you to tap for yourself at home.


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Learn how to use EFT to support your mind and body through stress and anxiety. EFT is a fast and effective way to reduce emotional intensity and feel able to move forward with confidence and strength. 

Be introduced to all the points, learn how and when to use EFT and build impiration and motivation to use the tool in your life. Benefit from knowledge and practical experience. We will tap together to help you learn all the points and begin your individual learning process. Use worksheets and have support to be able to recognise your emotions and organise your EFT sessions to better effect. 

Benefit from a supportive environment for you to feel safe to begin to allow calm and peace to replace stress and anxiety.


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    Simply download your certificate after purchase and write the name of the person recieving the certificate with your name so the certificate can be verified. This certificate gives the bearer 1 hour session. 

    This certificate can be used for an online or in-person session and may include:

    Nutritional Therapy

    Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT)

    Bach Flower Remedies

    Ear Accupuncture

    Mindfulness tools


    Core Strength Activation

    Gift certificate will not be replaced if stolen, lost, or destroyed.

    All sessions to be done online or in person before expiry date. Book your session by getting in touch via email.

    It is non-transferable.