Chai Syrup 200ml

Warming and Comforting herbs and spices together with Bach Flower Remedies.

Use 1-2 tbsp in any hot drinks (coffee, tea, hotchocolate or Turmeric Latte) or plain hot water. Use where you want sweetness like on pancakes/waffles, kombucha, yoghurt, smoothies, cocktails, mulled wine or in baking.


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Chai is traditionally served to help support the body’s healing process and support the immune system. It is no real surprise the ingredients in this chai syrup are natural powerhouses such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom,dried orange peel, all spice, nutmeg and together with the calming and restoring Bach Flower Remedies it is bliss in a cup.

Served warm and sweet it is a delicious concoction of spicy, pungent, stress relieving and healing nutrients. 

Chai Syrup:

Ingredients: Distilled water, Sugar, dried orange peel, ground spices (cinnamon, ginger, cardamon seed, nutmeg and all spice). Bach Flowers: Aspen, Larch, White Chestnut, Walnut.

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