Review; The Four Season’s Spa Hong Kong

Loula Reviews- Jade Stone Therapy Massage

I value recommendations and will strive to try out treatments, practitioners, shops and products to review from my professional and personal point of view. If you have a product or service that you use and want my advice on please let me know and I will check it out and report back!

I am a Naturopath and I strongly believe in nourishing body mind and spirit to achieve true whole body health. For myself I use herbs, homeopathy, food and am a huge fan of reflexology and massage to help balance the physical and emotional. I also love having other people look after me rather than having to always be the one doing the looking after! I decided to treat myself and at the same time open up my review section with a massage at The Four Season’s Spa.

I am prone to holding onto stress. I am working on helping my body clean up some residual inflammation and anxiety. I use EFT and Bach Flower Remedies along with Yoga, hiking, homeopathy, meditation and regular foot massage. Every now and then I love a whole body massage!


I thought that the Jade Stone Therapy massage sounded just perfect for me. The right mix of physical and energy medicine that i needed to release and move forward from. SO I booked myself in.

From the first moment the staff were really helpful at helping me chose my treatment. They also advised me to come early to use the spa steam and jacuzzi before the treatment. Great advice! When I turned up for my treatment I really enjoyed the variety of teas on offer and the awesome Female only changing room complete with jacuzzi with a waterfall that felt amazing on the back of my neck and shoulders. I basically had the place to myself and it felt so decadent! Fuji water in fridges all around and staff that call you by name- I felt very special and spoilt. I also loved the Amethyst towers in the the steam room. I want some for my own bathroom! I was almost sad when I was called to my treatment.


I have never had a hot stone massage before- although I was always keen to try I had just never gotten around to it. One of the amazing things about this spa is that you can just wear your robe as the lift to the treatment area is all still in the female only area. You do not need swim suits or underwear at all it is all so liberating and freeing!


My treatment room had an amazing view out of huge windows over the harbour and I could have sat in the bath in the room very happily and that would have been relaxing enough! My massage was the perfect pressure (hard to be therapeutic yet at times very relaxing and intuitive to my knots and blocks!). There was music loud enough to be heard but not too loud that it was annoying and was the right level of relaxing and invigourating. The whole treatment was 90 mins and it felt like forever and I felt amazing at the end! So positive and ready to get back out there!


I highly recommend the setting, staff and treatments at the Spa and go early to indulge in the ‘changing room’. I had another nice tea and a flick through some magazines (foodie ones) after my treatment and leisurely got changed and back out into the sunshine! A massive thank you to the staff there for making this part of my journey so wonderful. The right treatment at exactly the right time.


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