Reiki Level 1

Connect to the universal life force energy

We all have the innate ability to welcome Reiki into our lives.

Reiki is simple to learn and practice. No previous experience is necessary for Level 1 Reiki. It is an amazingly empowering healing technique for calming, balancing and re-vitalising your mind, body and spirit. Used for centuries to help relieve stress, physical and emotional pain, increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight to yourself, your family, friends and even your plants and pets can benefit. 

You may be curious, you may know a little about it and maybe have had a Reiki session. Even if you are skeptical, Reiki Level 1 is the perfect entryway to understanding the history of Mikao Usui, how Reiki works and how is may be used for your well-being and benefit. Reiki is in all things, it surrounds and is in us all. The atunements that you receive in every Reiki level simply help us to recongise and reconnect what is already there.

What you will learn in the class

Your Level 1 Attunement

The First Degree Reiki attunements are considered by many Reiki Masters to be the most important 

The Reiki first degree attunements connect you to the Reiki source and allow healing energy to flow through you. The attunements are passed by a Reiki Master in a sacred ceremony that connects upper chakras and the chakras in the palms of the hands to the Reiki source using sacred Reiki symbols. This attunement does not take very long; it does not hurt and it lasts for life.

Your Level 1 Teacher

Louise has been a Reiki Master since 2018 and has taught and supported many Level 1 and 2 students over the years. Her classes are relaxed and contain theory and lots of practical elements to help you to build confidence in your own practice.

Your class fee also includes a manual to refer back to, your certificate, follow up email support after the class and a zoom catch up session 21 days after your Attunement. This is to check in with you and help guide you in your journey with Reiki and self-healing beyond the class. You can also benefit from a discounted monthly Reiki session package with Louise.

You can do Level 2 six months after your Level 1 class with Louise. You can repeat your Level 1 class at any time for a discounted rate of €50 if needed.

Cost of your Level 1 Class

The class runs from 10am- 5pm with breaks and lunch. You will learn in small groups to be able to practice and also have time to ask your questions.

Cost of the class is €180 per person

(If you bring a friend or family member with you it is €300 for 2 people)

A deposit of €50 will be taken at time of booking