Who Really Uses Fats

Who Really uses fats Loula Natural

Who Really Uses Fats

Who Really Uses Fats? I guess it depends on what kind of fats? Not all fats are created equal after all. The ones that cause inflammation and irritation are those so far removed from their natural starting points (margarine and corn oil for example) that the body just does not recognise them as food- they are not- they are man made.


Fats are wonderful and very much your friend. Healing, balancing, energy giving, strengthening and fat burning- fats are absolutely essential. Fats provide energy, all hormones are made from fat, brain matter is mostly fat and fat is our biggest energy source. Even if you dont believe me- take the time out to listen to this genius Barry Groves;


Or check out his websites here;


Fats are 50-60% of breast milk which to me is the blueprint for all growth and development. Strength and healing is all growth and development and since all human cells are made with a phospho-lipid (protein and fat blend) cell wall- every cell needs fat. We are definitely not providing these cells with this basic requirements in the standard western diet. No wonder we are generally overweight, with poor structural and organ health, full of inflammation, low on energy and with hormones all over the shop!

Nut Butter

There is very little evidence that saturated fats have any link to coronary heart disease- in fact it is looking like they have a very opposite, preventative and healing effect. There is so much conflicting evidence out there about different fats. For me it makes sense to include fats that are consumed in their natural forms This includes;

  • Butter/ghee,
  • Oily fish,
  • Meat cooked on the bone and slow-cooked from grass-fed/pastured livestock,
  • Raw cheese,
  • Coconut oil and coconut butter,
  • Nut/seed butters and nuts/seeds that have been soaked/activated,
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Fermented/raw whole milk


A range of these fats is key in the diet.


There are essential fatty acids for the brain in saturated fats from animals and there are essential fatty acids in coconuts and eggs. I leave you with the question- what is a ‘canola’ from which oil is extracted? There is no such thing as a canola! How many processes do you think there needs to be to go from a corn kernal to an oil? No wonder these fats have no nutrients and absolutely no place in a human diet.

Highly processed trans fats and liquid vegetable oils are seen to be primary contributors to the rapid growth of degenerative diseases (inflammation) in our modern culture.

 These fats are incorporated in almost all processed foods so it is easy to consume a lot of them without realizing it. For example canola oil is in almost all packaged cereal and a trans fats(hydrogenated fat) are in most processed breads.


Cholesterol is a fundamental fat gracing every cell’s wall and our blood. Its jobs, which are many, include:

  • Insulating neurons to deliver messages from the brain and nervous system (making it essential for brain development)

  • Building and maintaining cell walls

  • Extracting and using fat soluble vitamins,

  • Producing bile which is essential to digestion and absorptions of fats

  • Kick-starting the body’s production of many hormones, including the sex /growth hormones.


The cholesterol in human milk supplies an infant with close to six times the amount most adults consume from food. Most commercial formulas are low in saturated fats. Soy formulas are completely devoid of cholesterol. You can see why there are claims that breast milk can produce children with less digestive problems (leaky gut symptoms like allergies and asthma), are seen to be more intelligent and have a better body shape and muscle development. A large part of the reason is the different types of fat in breastmilk vs formula.


The other essential factor to consider when consuming fats is do you have the right amount of gastric juices to break down the fats? A good bacterial balance to also be able to digest fats? Most importantly is your liver is not under stress to produce much needed bile? This helps to get the fatty into a substance that can be absorbed and used in the above essential ways for whole body strength and vitality.

So who really uses fats- well I do, everyday for all the family!

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Thanks Wiki Commons for these pics (Ghee here, butter here, Avocado here, Nuts here, Eggs here, Coconut here)


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