Rainbow meditation

Over the last few weeks I have used meditation for numerous reasons. Mostly to calm me down and to help me trust nature and it’s capacity to heal and re energise. I used it to connect to my baby whilst pregnant and when I went almost 2 weeks over my due date after expecting another early baby, to my latest mastitis pain and healing process. I have also used it to help me deal with my mums recent death and the frustrations, anger and guilt attached to adjusting to having another family member and my toddlers reaction to it. I tend to give energy out without leaving much for myself and so I am conscious that I need to reset and refuel myself and my body. This is where rainbow meditation comes in for me. Rainbows symbolise hope for me. I love colour, wearing certain colours gives me confidence and peace of mind. I feel uncomfortable in black or white without a burst of colour. Visualisation is a key tool for me too, I use it all the time whether I am thinking of how to get somewhere or to use a specific muscle in the body. To put the two together to make changes in the body makes perfect sense to me. Simply get comfortable and focus on your breathing. Then picture each colour whilst breathing in and focus on breathing out the murkiness. I do this until I feel like I’m breathing out white. Continue through the rainbow. If you need more guidance there are many similar ones on you tube. I’m sure many out there would object but how I see it is meditation is mostly about stopping and focusing on breathing. Getting oxygen in and around the body is so important. Getting people to meditate can be hard because it is perceived to be this ultra zen feeling that has to be taught and done for hours. I do it for 10 mins in the bath or when I am cuddling one of my babies to sleep or even to get me to sleep myself. It can be accessible and most importantly can fit into your day no matter how much time. Even a minute concentrating on just breathing is good enough. Try it! For more updates and tips and tricks Like my facebook page or follow this blog… https://www.facebook.com/Loulanaturalhealthandwellbeing
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