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  • Wild Yam Balm

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    Wild Yam Balm

    Wild Yam Balm 50ml ≅

    This wild yam balm combines the nutrients and therapuetic compunds of Wild Yam, Skullcap, Tulsi and Frankinsence to help support your body and mind through life’s ups and downs. May help to support menopausal symptoms and bring balance back to the hormonal system. Calming and rejevenating for the skin and the soul.

    Add a small amount to arms, thighs or tummy 1-2 times a day. Can also be used on any pigmentation spots or redened areas. Especially nice to use before bed especially on the face where you can smell it.

    Do not ingest or get in your eyes. Do not use if irriation occurs or if pregnant. Not suitable to use on children.