Preserved Cinnamon Kumquats

Preserved Cinnamon Kumquats Loula Natural

Kumquats are in the shops! You can eat the whole fruit even the skins and they are super sharp. I love kumquat and cinnamon Kefir- when cranberries were in season they were lovely together. I used the dried Kumquats. This time I thought I would use my Whey to preserve some and try them in drinks- especially a gin based one!

Kumquats are about the size of an olive and are from the citrus family. They taste like a tarter version of an orange. The best thing about them is that the skin is thin and so you can easily eat the whole thing in one go! They are quite addictive too!

Frequently used for coughs and colds they are high in antioxidants and vitamin c. The chinese preserve them in dry salt- and drain the liquid. 

Here is my recipe!

Preserved Cinnamon Kumquats Loula Natural pin

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