New Year New You Summit – Day 5

New Year New You Summit Day 5

Carol Tuttle

What I am looking forward to…

day 5

DaNelle Wolford

Traditional food has nourished people literally for thousands of years, and is something your ancestors would recognize. Ironically, a typical grocery store carries only 10% real food and most is found in the produce department. The rest is highly processed and shouldn’t even be considered “food”. 

I completely agree with this book from DaNelle from Weed-em-and-Reap. Her website is full of clever and well researched articles and she has seriously changed her body shape and health.

Carol Tuttle

Take a second and think about how you view others’ success. Not appreciating or being sincerely happy about the success of other people could be what’s blocking you from your own success! Have you ever shifted your focus from resentment to gratitude then experienced a positive change in your life?

Carol Tuttle is an intriguing woman. I have enjoyed reading her work. I have started dressing like a 4 and it has changed how I feel about myself! Listen to find out more!



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David Gumpert

Do Americans have the right to privately obtain the foods of our choice from farmers, neighbors, and local producers, in the same way our grandparents and great grandparents used to do?

 Yes, say a growing number of people increasingly afraid that the mass-produced food sold at supermarkets is excessively processed, tainted with antibiotic residues and hormones, and lacking in important nutrients.

I have no trust in any processed food. Not even those which are seemingly healthy. I am really interested in his writing and viewpoint.

Selina Delangre

Pure water doesn’t conduct electricity. Salt water does. Since electrolytes have an electrical charge they can move through your cell membranes and thus carry other nutrients with them into the cells. They also carry messages along your nerves and help control things like your heart beat. The human body uses these minerals and trace elements to create electrolytes and maintain bodily fluids. This “internal ocean” is vital to the proper functioning of every system within our body. Whole sea salts have this property, table salts don’t.

I have been using sea salt and sock salt interchangeably for a long time- Do you? This is a great way to be inspired and learn about how great this humble seasoning is!



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Halle Cottis

We believe in eating real food! By real food we mean food that is unprocessed, whole and unrefined. Food should not come out of a box, but should come from local farmers, farmers markets or your own organic garden, and quality fresh markets

We can simplify your life, take the stress out of “what’s for dinner”, reduce your grocery bill while choosing healthy organic real food ingredients and get you in and out of the kitchen in as little as a half hours time!

Halle Cottis from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition has so many tricks up her sleeve it is immense. She literally knows everything in my eyes! If she says 30 mins then I believe her and will be taking notes! Otherwise her books are brilliant.

Julie de Lagarde

 It is important that we venture on exercise as an act of love for our bodies. Our bodies are all meant to be unique, and their perfection and individual beauty lies in their uniqueness. Diversity is imperative to life.

We have to get our kids moving. Not just your kids or my kids – all of our kids. The movement starts with you and me. As parents, aunties, uncles, and friends, as teachers, counselors, politicians and artists, we are examples for the new generation. The more of us that get up and move, the more our children will get moving, and our children’s friends, and our parents, and grandparents. If we move, the tide will shift.

As a personal trainer myself I understand Julie fro Real Fit Mama’s passion. It is so simple to get moving. No equipment is necessary! Listen and learn- also her book is brilliant.



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I am genuinely sad that this ends the summit. I have enjoyed it and will be listening to them all again as I missed a couple in the 24 hours too.

Do something for yourself that will really count this year.

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