New Year New You Summit – Day 4

New Year New You Summit Day 2-

Vanessa Romero

What I am looking forward to…

day 4

Dr Cate Shanahan

Many people who have been following low fat diets for extended periods–months to years–have lost much of their innate capacity for burning fat and need to jump start their fat burning enzymes by including plenty of healthy fat and cutting back on other fuels, particularly sugars.

When you feel cravings that tell you to wander off course from your new diet, sometimes it makes sense to listen to those cravings and interpret them not as a sign that you need to retreat to the safety of prior habits but rather as requests from your metabolism to jump the fence and wander into some less familiar nutritional territory where different plants and new kinds of wild game offer a panel of nutrients your body hasn’t gotten to take in for a while.

Athletes are machines- they have to continually perform consistently. Their diet is paramount to their ability to stay fit, healthy and even injury free. Million is spent on keeping these athletes at the top of their game- so hearing about their diet is fascinating!

Lynne Farrow

Thanks to environmental pollutants Iodine deficiency has become a worldwide epidemic. Everybody knows pollutants cause cancer. What they don’t know is that these pollutants cause a deficiency that can make us sick, fat and stupid.

 Iodine is easy to include into your diet and is really powerful nutrient for your body. I am keen to hear Lynne’s advice.



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Vanessa Romero

 The most powerful medicine you take isn’t found in your medicine cabinet but in your kitchen. Food has the power to heal, it also has the power to harm. Conventional nutrition advice is steeped deep in food politics, agribusiness and now the pharmaceutical industry

Vanessa has the amazing site- Healthy Living How To. She has some really helpful and well written posts on almost all healthy living topics. How to stay fit in your 40’s can relate to all ages and she has great tips and tricks.

Dina Falconi

Foraging offers an adventurous and satisfying way to eat locally and seasonally.

There is so much free food available to us in our natural environment. Being able to recoginse them and being respectful about supporting their growth is fundamental to the health of our environment and body.



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Emily Benfit

There’s a reason why prescription drugs and sleeping pills don’t actually cure insomnia. That’s because they do nothing to address the root causes of it—the biological actions that keep your body sleeping as it should at night, and alert and energized during the day.

Healthy sleeping cycles require balanced blood sugar, elevated anti-inflammatory hormones, reduced levels of stress hormones, and a revved-up metabolism to keep your body energized and healthy on a cellular level. The balanced body of a healthy sleeper supports all physiological systems through optimal cellular energy production. Yes, believe it or not, it actually takes quite a lot of energy to get quality rest!

Sleep is so important. Emily Benefit is Butter Believer and her insomnia book is brilliant. Not sleeping is one symptom and there are so many ways to enhance both quantity and quality of sleep.

Marilee Nelson

People are getting sick from these chemical and electromagnetic exposures and the rest of the population should take note and take action. Their experience is giving us the chance to be warned to not use something that is harmful or to make sure that we take precautions for safety.

The body has a remarkable capacity to rebound and repair. I have seen so many conditions disappear by taking measures to eliminate toxin contact and EMF exposure. 

I have know about the dangers for ages but have resisted delving into it at the risk of opening a can of worms- I am finding that more and more information is coming to the forefront and it can no longer be ignore- especially for the health of our kids.



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Do something for yourself that will really count this year.

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