New Year New You Summit – Day 3

New Year New You Summit Day 3-

Chris Kresser

What I am looking forward to…

Day 3

Chris Kresser

If you’ve failed with diets before, it’s probably because they weren’t right for you. This approach is more flexible and sustainable over the long-term because it takes your unique needs into account.

Your Personal Paleo Code isn’t just about food; it also helps you customize all the critical factors that make you healthy and happy, like sleep, physical activity, stress management, and social connection.

Chris Kresser is one of the most well-research eloquent intergrative doctor. His information is well balanced and makes so much sense. I agree with most of what he says and listen to his podcast regularly.

Lindsey Gremont

 Nothing is perfect. Be flexible. Real food isn’t consistent like the stuff you buy from the grocery store. You will burn a pot of beans. You will cook a steak too well done. You will forget to heat up dinner. You will make mushy pickles (ew!). You will get too busy. Keep calm and carry on to plan B whatever that may be. 

Lindsey, The Homemade Mommy is one of the hardest working women I have ever see. She still always takes the time to support her readers and I really give value to her advice and also her tips for those who are starting out with making huge lifestyle changes.



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Hannah Healy

 I often see a lot of misconception surrounding vegetarianism from many people in the real food community and vice-versa. In my opinion the paleo/WAPF/traditional foods movements and vegetarians have a lot in common

I love Healy Real Food Vegetarian, Hannah’s website. Her recipes are delicious and if you are thinking about including more vegetarian dishes into your life then she is your girl!

Charles and Julie Mayfield

We believe that food should be something enjoyed and shared, not stressed out and/or obsessed over. We believe that there is a reason you bring a neighbor a meal when they are celebrating the arrival of a new baby, or when you are wanting to help comfort them in times of recovery.

Get cooking, get creating and sharing food. Food builds community. This is so important. This will be a great one to listen too.



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Dan Debaun

Laptops – one of the most heavily used EMF radiation producers not just have a biological impact, but also a heating effect on the skin nearest to them. Heating the pelvic area has been shown to increase the likelihood of testicular cancer and male infertility.

Because children like to use laptops for fun and not just school, there is a high chance that the laptop is sitting in the child’s lap for long periods of time, greatly increasing their exposure to harmful emissions and therefore the health risks. Laptop radiation is at their highest intensity when against the body.

Early in 2012, the Environmental & Occupational Health Publication published the article Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields From Laptop Use of “Laptop” Computers. The study concludes that a mother and fetus are exposed to higher amounts of EMRs by laptops than those found in close proximity of high-voltage power lines or video screens.

Nick Wallace

The stress-level of an animal at the time that it is slaughtered can influence the taste and texture of its meat significantly. If an animal is experiencing a high level of stress just before slaughter, more acid will be present in the animal’s system and the quality of the animal’s meat will be poor.



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So ends epic day 2! I dont know about you but for all that information I would happily at least sign up for free!!! There are still 2 days left

Do something for yourself that will really count this year.

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