New Year New You Summit – Day 2

New Year New You Summit Day 2-

Carol Look- Eft for Abundance New Year New You Summit

What I am looking forward to…

New You Summit Day 2

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Robb Wolf

If part of your immune response is always allocated to repairing gut irritation, you are essentially sick all the time.

“The USDA’s food pyramid doesn’t even meet its own specifications of health.”

I love Robb Wolff’s podcast and his book is full of interesting information even if you are not paleo (I am 80% paleo- like everything else!- I really like and agree with some of the ideas). He is a great speaker and I am sure his session will be great. Looking forward to hearing his tips and tricks.

Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue

 When we’re lacking K2, we’re at much greater risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer. And these are three concerns that used to be relatively rare. Over the last 100 years, as we’ve changed the way we produced our food and the way we eat, they have become very common.

 For so long, we’ve been told to take calcium for osteoporosis… and vitamin D, which we know is helpful. But then, more studies are coming out showing that increased calcium intake is causing more heart attacks and strokes. That created a lot of confusion around whether calcium is safe or not. But that’s the wrong question to be asking, because we’ll never properly understand the health benefits of calcium or vitamin D, unless we take into consideration K2. That’s what keeps the calcium in its right place.

This talk sounds fascinating. I only ever recommend D3 with K2 as a Vitamin D supplement. Butter is back and I love it. Are you up to date in your core beliefs on fats?



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Carol Look

 Some people are convinced there is a scarcity of resources and that they don’t deserve any more than they have. Others believe in poverty and its purpose. Others have limiting comfort zones or ceilings about what they think they deserve in all areas of their lives. Do you have a consciousness of prosperity or scarcity? Wealth or poverty? Abundance or plenty? 

Most of you have heard of the Law of Attraction, and many of you probably follow authors such as John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy or use the Abraham-Hicks material. But are you using this law to your advantage? 

If you are tired of not having enough money, time, love or success then you need to learn how to Attract Abundance with EFT

I love EFT. I recently attended a workshop and now use it with all my clients, with my kids and especially on myself. It has changed my life. I also have a 21 Day meditation with Carol Look with The Gabriel Method- (see here). One of the bonus materials for the course is Carol’s introduction to EFT. I am really looking forward to her talk. I am all about abundance at the moment- it is working!

Matt Stone 

With a high metabolic rate, EVERYTHING works better.

 Most people will eventually develop health problems on a low-carb diet (or low-fat diet, to pick on the fat haters too and anyone engaged in Macronutrient Warfare) – including even gaining a bunch of weight back that they initially lost, and they will eventually crave carbohydrates or find that a carb-free diet has become just too socially crippling.….The real answer is to improve glucose metabolism and digestion. 

I love Matt Stone’s books- Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2. I like his style and I love the way he thinks. I am interested to hear him talk as I am constantly reminding people that sugar is essential to life- its all about what sugar!



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Liz Reitzig 

Food is the Foundation of Liberty. Food, and how we procure it, is instrumental in laying the foundation for individual freedom.

I love the above quote from Liz- she is very inspiring. I am really interested in what she has to say. It is hard in Hong Kong to find produce you can trust and so many of us are trying to support our local farmers. With little space and farms poping up in the ‘skies’. It is an exciting time for real food. Check her out at Nourishing Liberty

Dawn Gifford 

On average, Americans waste 40 percent of our food supply, which is more than 1400 calories of food per person per day, reports a study by a team of National Institute of Health researchers. The cost of food waste is $136 billion nationally, or about $600 per household each year.

Because children’s bodies are growing and developing, they are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals. Even small amounts of a chemical can impact a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential. Fortunately there are many craftsmen and women here in the U.S. that make beautiful toys from wood, cloth, metal and other natural, non-toxic, sustainable materials that will last a very long time, and may even become treasured family heirlooms. 

I am a huge fan of Dawn’s, her blog Small Footprint Family and her book Sustainability Starts at Home are inspiring. With her advice we have made some changes which have saved us some money but also have helped us to do more for the planet. I have no doubt her talk will get you thinking, with some practical ways for you to make a difference.



So ends epic day 2! I dont know about you but for all that information I would happily at least sign up for free!!! 

Do something for yourself that will really count this year.

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