Naturopath’s first aid kit


Lots of people ask me what I have to hand for any situation here’s my first aid kit essential for natural health.

Homeopathic first aid kit- esp aconite, arnica, belladonna chamomila, sulphur, hepah sulphur, pulsatilla, passiflor co, silica,

Tissue salts- I have a full set of all of them and some of the combinations but mostly- pp, mp, silica, nat mur, ferr phos

Bach flower remedies all 38 but mostly rescue remedy night and day

Calendula tincture and balm
Tea tree
camomile tea flowers
Rose hips
Tulsi tea and herbal holy basil capsules
Vit c sodium ascorbate
Probiotics multi strain and infantis
Vit d drops
Vit a drops
Ultra muscleze (mag, b vits)
Super greens
Manuka honey
Epsom salts
Coconut oil/water
Homemade after sun (also an insect repellant)
Pure aloe vera
Homemade bone broth

If you want to know how and when  I use each item- let me know. If you use anything else, let me know

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