Naturopath’s Family Travel Kit

Naturopathic family travel

Preping for travel. Packing with a family is such a headache! I need to make sure I have just enough just in case but not too much that we are lugging stuff all over the place!!

I always make sure I have lavender- good for most things- immune boosting, anti bacterial, calming (good for sunburn and bug bites), good for jet lag and mental exhaustion that pairs traveling with two kids long haul! We also always carry calendula tincture for similar reasons, epsom salts for the bath, detoxing after the flight and again soothing after the sun and with jet lag. We have a general homeopathic first aid kit which covers most things that may occur day to day whether home or away. Of course I never travel with out Kefir Grains- this time we are bringing water grains. I am also bringing food essentials- chia, coconut sugar and raw cacao! Hoping we should be able to find some coconut oil there somewhere!!

In my carry on I have rescue remedy, jet lag homeopathic remedies from LoveLife, spray bottle with water, water kefir, lavender to spray around us for immune support, rose water to spray our faces to refresh, self flavored deodorants (here I used geranium, lavender and lemongrass), Kombucha for up until we go through security in the kids water bottles and lots of home dried fruit and nuts and nut butter and chia jam sandwiches. What do you take?!

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