Raw Nacho Not Cheese Kale Chips

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Raw Nacho (not) Cheese Kale Chips

I am a huge fan of kale. It is also a local product for us. Green Vitamin have enlisted local farms to grow curly kale here in Hong Kong using organic heritage seeds- and it is flourishing. The chinese eat kale all the time and the Chinese Kale is also delicious in green smoothies and I love stir frying it with Garlic. It is a little bitter though and is more stalk than leaf and so is not so good at making Kale Chips- so I am glad to have the choice of supporting local organic produce.

This recipe is a product of many raw Nacho (not) Cheese dip recipes (especially from this book and from here). Using cashews and nutritional yeast as the starting point and adding red pepper, paprika, cumin and garlic to create that tangy cheesey spicey kick. It works so well with the kale. I always love to add my spin to things to deepen the nutritional value and taste. I have added walnut oil and tahini to mine. The Chinese use sesame for so many ailments and to boost good health and I am a massive fan of the black and white varieties. Tahini (or indeed just the seeds) in this recipe add a flavour dimension and a healthy fat punch to this recipe.

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