Morning Smoothie

Morning smoothie


I like to get as much nutrition into my kids as possible. I also like to give them and myself a really good start to the day. They have this smoothie or a variation of it and then they have homemade museli or chia porridge and coconut yoghurt. My son can have it and when he turns one (in a couple of weeks- where did that time go!) we will add in nut butters and raw honey again.

I also would have these as a snack in the first few months of breastfeeding with a protein powder. On days I feel I need an extra boost (or the kids do- esp during those growing phases) I will add a vegan protein as i am not a whey or soy fan. I like the multi source sprouted varieties un-flavoured as I don’t want any sugar or sweeteners in it. I tend to prefer a creamier smoothie in the mornings and a green fruitier one in the afternoon at 4ish. What do you like? Share some recipes in the comments for everyone to try.

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