Modern Updates of a Classic

Modern Updates of the Classics

Modern Updates of the Classics Loula Natural

My Parents, for their wedding, got a Super Cooks Magazine subscription and the binders to hold their recipes. They are packed full of weird and wonderful classics from all over the world. Arranged in alphabetical order, without and index. To use them you have to think of a recipe and look for it or just flick through! I have found loads of recipes that inspire and with  a little tweaking make them perfect as family favourites. My mum’s BBQ sauce and her (famous) 3 meat lasagna. Both of which I remember her using the books to make and my brother and I have adapted to have on a regular basis!

My parents (mum is from Croydon in Surrey and Dad is from Coatbridge near Glasgow) lived in Iraq in the 70’s (where I was born) and ingredients were sometimes difficult to get. Then moving to Hong Kong in 1979, with little baby me, meant ingredient sourcing again was tough. My mum became a master at improvising! She also taught my brother and I to live ‘a la fridge’. Which meant making it up as you go along with what you have in the fridge and a few staple techniques!

This is how we learnt to cook and how I am teaching my kids. I will be delving into various recipes and trying to update them to suit our family and hopefully yours too.

Here is the first-

modern update blackforest gateaux Loula Natural

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