Mascapone, Vanilla and Calvados Cream

Mascapone, Vanilla and Calvados Cream Loula Natural

Mascapone, Vanilla and Calvados Cream

The perfect accompaniment to a desert if you can tolerate some dairy (which I can now thanks to Kefir and Kombucha! Culture Your Life). My husband and I first had this as a pudding when we were in this brilliant tiny restaurant in Venice pre-kiddie days! It was Rum, vanilla whipped Marscapone with some lovely thin cinnamon biscuits. I can still taste them today!! I have  Such a simple desert that i really love from time to time. 

Mascarpone is a step away from butter- the only ingredients are cream and a thickener to get it really smooth and dense. It is so moorish and I love it. Ensuring buying grass fed organic dairy is paramount if you want to reach any of the benefits of dairy and fermenting it will make these benefits really accessible. However I love the flavour of this cream and enjoyment and pleasure in what you eat will in turn help you to digest and utilise the food more effectively. 

This will go well with fruit, like how we had it on our Mock Christmas Day with my dad- or will be great with a mince pie, Christmas pudding or indeed any cake, pie or even a dollop in your coffee!

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