Mango Lassi Chia Pudding

Mango Lassi Chia Pudding Loula Natural

Mango Lassi Chia Pudding

I love the summer; sunshine, pool parties, beach and boats! I am a summer baby and I love summer foods. I feel energised and revitalised by all the ripe colourful foods in season. Especially mangos!

Here are some of my favourite mango recipes;

Mango Salsa

Raw Mango Jam

I also make Mango Coconut Water Kefir and Mango Kombucha (both recipes are in Culture Your Life)

and now this delicious raw and sugar free mango chia pudding.

I love lassi and a standard lassi is mango with yoghurt. I love my coconut yoghurt and also bought some organic cream as I have had a serious craving for cream this week! You can substitute the dairy cream for coconut cream as mango and coconut are a tropical match made in heaven!

The chia seeds help to ‘set’ the pudding as well as add some nutrient goodness to the mix. My main mission is to get my daughter to eat coconut yoghurt and chia seeds- two things she says she will not eat! She didn’t mind them in this I can tell you- and show you! Which is a great lesson in keep trying things- you never know one day you may like it!

Mango LAssi CHia Collage Loula Natural

Here are some more mango recipes;

Here is the link to my other gluten free sweet treats on Pinterest;

Follow Loula Natural’s board Gluten free sweet treats on Pinterest.

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