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Welcome to the new series Mama Up Front. Celebrating Mama’s using natural methods to keep their families healthy happy. Shining a spotlight on all the amazing things you Mama’s are doing out there and letting us know what is working and what may need some tweaking! Here we will share what works for our families as we strive to feed ourselves and our kids real food, keep as close to nature intended and just respect the world in general because sometimes we feel like we are on our own and fighting a lonely battle!

Come and share recipes, natural first aid tips and other stories and methods we can all learn from and recognise.


Let me introduce our first ‘Mama Up Front’ you to a lovely mum of two awesome boys-

Chambers Mama

Mama says;


As a mum of two feisty and energetic little boys it recently occurred to me that they probably need more fuel than three meals a day. They are really great eaters of a variety of foods, but they don’t eat huge portions and I was beginning to worry that they needed more for their little bones and muscles and brains to keep growing.

They do have snacks but up until recently their snacks were very carb and grain heavy. Bread, muffins, a biscuit or fruit normally.

SO I had a think and realised their snacks needed a change.

On the list of ‘new’ snacks is:


hard boiled eggs (from happy hens!)

Home made houmous and crudités

trail mix – (with a few cheeky m & m or smarts thrown in)

Frozen yoghrt

Bio Kefir – (the bought variety for now- i’m not there yet!)

and just today i made the yummiest pop corn ever.

I feel better about the types of snacks they are going to be eating and hope it gives them a better kind of energy than before. They will still eat some of the old stuff too, but nowhere near as much.

We are working to replace some gluten with gluten free and i’m aiming for meatless meals 3 x a week, but it isn’t always easy ( or cheap) and i’m far from perfect but we are working on it!


Chambers popcorn


In  large heavy based pan with lid heat 1 tbs of coconut oil ( organic if possible).

Add 1 cup of (organic if possible) popcorn kernels.

Wait until it pops – shaking pan every minute or so until pops are more than 3 seconds apart.

Take off heat and stir through 2 tsp of Caruzac (coconut sugar) or other raw  non refined sugar. Stir quick as it gets clumpy when it heats.

And eat – makes enough for a family of 4 of us to eat whilst watching Cars 2 in 3D!

This was my first play with coconut oil as a base and coconut sugar and it turned out yum!


Tip for popcorn kernels – keep them in the fridge in a glass jar so they stay cold and ‘wet’ – helps them pop better apparently.


Please feel free to write to me, Loula Natural, if you would like to be up front and centre as a ‘Mama Up Front’.

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