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Celebrating Mama’s using natural methods to keep their families healthy happy. Shining a spotlight on all the amazing things you Mama’s are doing out there and letting us know what is working and what may need some tweaking!

Here we will share what works for our families as we strive to feed ourselves and our kids real food, keep as close to nature intended and just respect the world in general because sometimes we feel like we are on our own and fighting a lonely battle!

Come and share recipes, natural first aid tips and other stories and methods we can all learn from and recognise.

Let me introduce our next Mama of 2 great kids…

Mama up front Wang Family

Elsa is a great friend of mine and our daughters are also great pals and school buddies. Our boys are also similar age so they will be buddies too! I see Elsa everyday and we are always constantly talking about food! I recently went around the supermarket with her. I was asking her about how she cooks things differently to me and she was showing what she buys when she makes her family’s congee and noodles. Big respect to someone who makes their own noodles (recipe is on the way she promises me!!! )

Today Elsa is sharing with us her daily nut and seed milk she makes to drink with their breakfast. very excited to also share my first bi-lingual post- more to come. (If you have another language I welcome you come and share your bi-lingual posts here too!)

Elsa’s Nut and Seed Milk

Mama up front Elsas nut and seed milk

Cashews (20-30 pieces)

Pumpkin Seeds (around 40 pieces)

Brown Rice (Cooked,  One bowl)

Black sesame (Fried, One spoon)

Coconut Sugar (Six spoons)

Water (1.5L)


For 4-5 people


Put all ingredients in VitaMix (or any kind of blender with 2200W) for seven minutes, Done! You can change Cashews with Hazel Nuts, Almonds or any kind of Nuts you like(Walnut is not recommended. ).  White Sesame seeds can be substituted for Black Sesame. You can also adjust the volume of each ingredients according to your needs.




腰果 (20-30粒)

南瓜子 (40粒左右)

糙米飯 (熟 一小碗)

黑芝麻 (炸過 一勺)

椰棕櫚糖 (六勺)

水 (1.5升)


chinese nut milk

將所有原料放入Vitamix攪拌機(任何一種2200w功率的攪拌機均可)內攪拌7分鐘即可。 可根據個人口味將腰果換成榛子,杏仁或者任何堅果類(不推薦使用核桃); 黑芝麻可以換成白芝麻;也可根據個人喜好調整每樣東西的份量。


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